Cal Folger Day – ‘She Really Means It’


Cal Folger Day is a singer-songwriter from Brooklyn who was in Ireland last month for a brief tour. Although her presence on our shores escaped me, this tune, ‘She Really Means It’, found its way to my ears and has left a lasting impression.

Cal Folger Day has stumbled upon a timeless and enchanting rootsy folk sound. ‘She Really Means It’ is simply a beautiful song. It is both sophisticated and suitably restrained, and filled with a rich, reminiscent tone. Her vocals too are impeccable, both aesthetically and in terms of range. A whole day could be spent adding superlatives to describe how good this song is but who’s got that kind of time? It is simply beautiful.

‘She Really Means It’ is below for your listening pleasure and there’s even more on offer on Cal Folger Day’Soundcloud.

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