Freedom Fry – ‘Hanging With The New Crowd’


Last summer Freedom Fry served up one of most infectious slices of sun-soaked indie pop with ‘Summer In The City’. One year on, and they are up to their old tricks again.

The LA based duo of Parisian born, Marie Seyrat, and Michigan native, Bruce Driscoll are preparing to release a brand new EP, entitled Friends And Enemies. It serves as a summertime teaser for their easy on the ear boy/girl pop but of the three tracks, ‘Hanging With The New Crowd’ is far and away the standout. It is a soft, smooth and utterly adorable ditty of playful lyrics, swooning harmonies and hypnotic groove. It must said, this is one of those tunes likely to be stuck in your system.   

You can listen to ‘Hanging With The New Crowd’ below, while Friends And Enemies EP will be released digitally on July 29th.

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