Introducing: Ottilia


Originally from Uppsala, Sweden, but now based in London, Ottilia has already received lavish praise from numerous quarters; including winning an award for best teenage Swedish singer/songwriter of 2012.

It is easy to understand why, her music sounds rather special and she is definitely a bright young talent. Her most recent release, double aside ‘Heartless / I Don’t Let Myself Fall In Love’, certainly flies the flag for such an assumption. Both posses a doleful, melancholic air, with ‘Heartless’ serving as a despondent song for the hurt and wounded, mournfully crooning “If I had a heart left to love you I would do, I would do,” over haunting off-beat rhythms. ‘I Don’t Let Myself Fall In Love’ is a lone acoustic ballad, amidst the gloomy surroundings and stark strum her voice is so smooth, powerful and enchanting. I’ve been consumed by both tracks for days, the latter in particular should send a chill down your spine.

You can listen to both ‘Heartless’ & ‘I Don’t Let Myself Fall In Love’ below and make up your own mind.

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