Sue Denim – ‘Hollow / ​After The Rain’


Bangor native Sue Denim stepped out on her own, sans Robots in Disguise, with her debut solo album And The Unicorn in the latter part of last year. Recorded and co-produced in North Wales with David Wrench (Bear In Heaven, Caribou & Y Niwl), it’s a lovable collection of simple and honest songs which makes for cheery listening.

Her latest foray comes in the shape of new single ‘Hollow’ & it’s companion, ‘After The Rain’; two sweetly seductive folk songs with dreamy pop core. Musically it revolves around an acoustic guitar, piano and Sue’s soothing voice – the perfect platform to allow her free flowing melodies and lyrics to run wild. Sensational stuff really, one can’t help but feel a tinkling magical sensation when listening to these two. There is a spot for this in even the coldest of hearts.

‘Hollow / ​After The Rain’ is out  now and can be picked up from bandcamp.

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