Introducing: Policy


Policy are a four-piece band from Kilcoole, Co Wicklow who released their self-titled debut EP late last year.

Sounding like they have been influenced by a whole host of mid ’80s British indie acts (particularly The Wedding Present plus others of that ilk), their debut EP is probably best summed up as a bit indie, a bit alternative rock and a bit rough around the edges. Across the five track EP, recorded with Eoin Whitfield from Enemies in Kilcoole last year, they deliver a series of charming songs with catchy melodies, smart lyrics and played with energy. A special mention must be reserved for the vocals which are both unusual and unique, spat out with a certain sense of fragility, they increase the endearing quality of the music ten fold. 

What’s on offer here isn’t perfect but that is part of the appeal, their rough around the edges approach adds to the overall appeal. Not only is there the untempered potential for  more but it is far more personal and genuine.

You can download their self-titled debut EP for free here and make up your own mind.

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