Best of 2012: w/ Sadhbh O’ Sullivan of Sive


It’s that time of year when every music website, publication and blog (including this one) are busy compiling end of year lists. This time around, I thought I’d shift the focus to the bands and artist’s who’ve played a ‘BarryGruff Presents’ show this year and ask them for their ‘favourite album of 2012′, ‘favourite song of 2012′ & ‘favourite Irish song of the year’.

Right, that is enough from me, over to Sadhbh O’ Sullivan from Sive and her picks from the year that was 2012.

Favourite album of 2012: Sam Jackson – ‘Sharp and Flat’

I stumbled upon Sam Jackson by accident when I read a review of his album in the Independent and thought “hmm, this sounds like it might be up my street!” I took a trip over to his Bandcamp page and within the first few seconds of the opening track I was already compelled to buy the album (AND a ticket to one of his shows). Every track displays not only a top notch level of musicianship, but also a lofty helping of sensitivity and imagination. His sound is reminiscent of jazz, classical and some more contemporary music, without sounding like it quite fits in under any one label. For me this album is a perfect work of art!

Favourite Song of 2012: The Unusual History of Ether – ‘Innate’

I’m not entirely sure whether this song actually came out in 2012 or at the end of 2011, but I discovered it at the beginning of this year and was blown away by it. The band is fronted by Irishwoman Rebecca Collins, who is based in Copenhagen along with her band of Danish musicians. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them live twice and they’re a lovely bunch of people as well as fine musicians. Their whole EP is worth repeated listens.

Favourite Irish Song of 2012: Wallis Bird – ‘In Dictum’

This was one of the stand-out tracks from Wallis Bird’s latest album, for me anyway. The first time I heard it was at her album launch in The Academy when she hopped down from the stage to perform an unplugged rendition of it in the middle of the audience. The entire crowd joined in and it was definitely one of those gig memories that sticks with you for a long time. When played live this song carries bags of energy and passion that can’t have been easy to capture in a studio, but I think Wallis and her band nailed it. Here’s a video of what happened that night in The Academy:  

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