Runaround Kids & The Spills | Split Single

Runaround Kids have joined forces with label mates The Spills for a split release single, ‘Into The Light’/’Atomic Arabian Facebuster’.

The Wakefield trio have been pretty prolific this year, this being their third release of 2012, one of which was a split with our very own We Are Losers. ‘Into The Light’ is a 3-minute bag of fast, fuzzy of guitar rock with big riffs, bubbling bass and lung-bursting vocals. It is addictive, catchy and loud, displaying exactly what they do so well. Meanwhile The Spills offering, ‘Atomic Arabian Facebuster’ is equally addictive. A brilliant blend of noisy somewhat anthemic rock revolving around a chugging riff and screeching vocal, The Wedding Present meets Pavement if you will. An excellent introduction to a previously unfamiliar band

On a side note, Runaround Kids played one of the ‘BarryGruff Presents’ shows during the summer, this is only one example of their talent, they’ve got plenty more ammo in the locker (they are top lads too).

The split single is available on limited edition cassette (100 copies) and as a download from here now.

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