Introducing: Permanent Collection

Beginning as a solo project of Jason Hendardy in 2011, Permanent Collection, soon saw the addition of Brenden Nerfa, Megan Dabkowski and Mike Stillman before the year was out.

The San Francisco four-piece is set to release their debut album Newly Wed Nearly Dead in August, bringing with them two fine tasters in  ‘One Thousand Sins’ and ‘It’s Alright’. Their sound is a mish-mash of post-punk, shoegaze and garage influences with Hendardy’s vocals emerge from the squall of noise and atmosphere. Yes, this is a well traveled path but there is just something endearingly likable about these songs, something hopefully than comes through on their new album. 

If this sets your heart racing then mark off August 7th in your calendars, that’s when their new album is released. For now, here’s ‘One Thousand Sins’ and ‘It’s Alright’.

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