Introducing: The P Affection

Naas based indie-rockers The P Affection are currently readying the release of their second album through NIPPI Records.

The P Affection were sublimely brilliant at the last ‘BarryGruff Presents’ and one of the standout acts from the series so far. It was then that it dawned on me, somehow I had neglected to mention the band thus far and this is an attempt to redress the balance.

Their debut album was a great blend of indie-pop, rock, ska, and folk. While staying true to the sound of their debut The P Affection have grown as a band. Their sound is far tighter and they have managed to meld it all into distinct and cohesive sound, that is all their own.

Going by their set in Flanagan’s (of predominantly new material) and new tracks ‘Gone Fishing’ and ‘Made of the Right Stuff’, their second album one to watch out for.

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