Introducing: Only Real | Delectable blend of hip hop and indie

Only Real is the handle of 20-year-old Niall Galvin, who from his West London bedroom produces some charming sounds, taking care of production, vocals, arrangement etc.

It is an usual but delectable blend of hip hop and guitar indie. ‘Cadillac Girl’ demonstrates this attitude best. It worms its way inside your head and refuses to leave, meandering around there with a lazy but catchy riff, steady drumbeat, rapping and a carefree hazy vocal drawl. There is a kind of Jamie T / King Krule thing going, and, I for one cannot get enough of it right now.

Only Real’s currently working in getting the live set-up sorted but for now I’ll happily make do with what he has to offer.

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Only Real – Cadillac Girl

Only Real – New Gold

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