Damon Albarn | Dr Dee ‘The Marvelous Dream’

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Now, I’m a fan of most of Damon Albarn‘s work, especially Blur, The Good The Bad And The Queen and Gorillaz. If I’m honest,  I was more than a little dubious when I heard he was recording an album inspired by the life of John Dee, a mathematician, polymath and advisor to Elizabeth I. In fact, I was more like, “oh no, he’s turning into fucking Sting”!.

The first track from the album, ‘The Marvelous Dream’, reveals my fear while not unwarranted, may have been a little hasty. The song itself is wonderful yet pretty simple, a lightly strummed acoustic guitar is eventually joined by some claps and humming, with Albarn’s vocals impeccable as ever. Described by Albarn as ‘strange pastoral folk’, a fitting description. 

Albarn’s 2012 already looked as packed as ever, where does he find the time? Dr Dee will be released on 7th May via Parlophone Records.

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