Free Music: Vanguard Bots – ‘AudioLucinogens’

NYC producer and visual artist Vanguard Bots has released his debut EP, AudioLucinogens. 

This is electronic music that leans heavily towards hip hop production with samples and beat-heavy everything. At times it’s melancholic, ghostly, atmospheric and gritty as the record explores the abstract eccentricity of the creator’s psyche. The EP, available as a free download, features 6 brand new tracks with ‘Life in Paradise’ and blipped-out ‘Codex Loss’ packing the weightiest punch of them all. Fans of Flying Lotus and beats in general will love this release.

You can stream a select few below or grab it for free from Soundcloud.

Download: Vanguard Bots – Life in Paradise

Download: Vanguard Bots – Codex Loss

Download: Vanguard Bots – March of the Machines

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