Introducing: Old Tapes

Old Tapes is a trio made up of frontwoman Lisa Kribs, her brother Michael and David McGinnis, from Rochester, New York. 

Together they craft synth laden, angular rock which alternates from sneering to the mellow and subdued, and back again. This ability to shift through a range of emotions, from seething to sweet, is captured beautifully on their recently released debut EP, This Is Goodbye. From the emotional debut single ‘Farewell’, brooding ‘Got The Time’ to the fervent ‘What I Need Tonite’ and ‘Queen’ it all sits well, none feeling out of place or contrived.

A very promising band with a very rounded and grounded sound – I’d be very surprised if this was the last we hear from this Rochester trio. 

You can get the 6 track EP at the band’s BandCamp.

Mp3: Old Tapes – Farewell [audio]

Mp3: Old Tapes – What I Need Tonite [audio]

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