Introducing: Candidate

Candidate are Lexington trio Cedric Sparkman, Laurence Adams and Jason Matuskiewicz. American they may be, but their music has a distinctly British edge to it.

Their sound reeks of mid to late ’80s British indie but is not pretending to be anything else. They have embraced those bands who inspired them for which there  are obvious comparisons, namely The Cure, The Stone Roses and The Smiths. The later seems to permeate every ounce of what they do and you can almost hear a young Morrissey shining through Sparkman’s vocals.

This straight edge indie approach appears to suit them very well. The songs are catchy, poetic, passionate and filled with hooks and melodies, it’s hard to dislike.

Like what you hear? You can pick up Candidate’s debut record A New Life from Bandcamp right now!

Download: Candidate – Need It Most

Download: Candidate – I’d Come Running

Candidate – A New Life

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