Black Matte Night Mix

With the huge number of sub-standard mixes floating around the internet nowadays it can sometimes feel like we are drowning in a sea of mediocrity. Thankfully some great ones tend to appear, preserving our faith.

This was just the case last week on receiving this wonderful mix from French DJ Malcom H. Apart from knowing he’s a French DJ there is little else out there but this killer mix speaks for itself.

It is a superb feel good mix, just the job which the summer almost upon us; it gradually flips from chilled tranquil beginnings to climax with a flurry of up-tempo ambient beats. Another plus too, I’d been completely unaware of most of these before now.

I’ve been spinning this one the past week, just can’t get enough of it – the tracklisting is after the jump.

Download: Malcom H – Black Matte Night


Codrule Swing – Marius Laurentiu_Andrea Bigi
The Way we Love – Topspin, Dmit Kitz
Mutant (Marc Marzenit Haunted House Remix) – Patch Park
Manzanillo – Jackie Misfit
Jazzhead (Jim Rivers Rmx) – Lemon Popsicle
Jelly Fish – Thomas Angstrom Remix – Soren Aalberg
The Barking Grizzle DetroitBerlin (DJ Hell Extended Club Remix) – Prommer_Barck
Zenmaster – Disordered Perception
Belladona – Pele & Nico Stojan
Conexion (Original Club Mix) – Inaki Santos
So Lauft Der Kleine Prinz – Alen Sforzina
Snow Owl – Rino Cerrone & Flavio Diaz Remix – Stanny Franssen
Buffalo Bounce – Mathias Mesteno
Without You – And.Id
Bossa Nova (Pan Pot Vocal Edit) – Joel Mull
Lust – Frank Haag
Scaramanga (Dusty Kid Rmx) – Booka Shade

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