About Group – You’re No Good

The un-google-able About Group is composed of Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip), Charles Hayward (This Heat), John Coxon (Spring Heel Jack, Spiritualized) and Pat Thomas.

Ahead of the collective releasing their forthcoming second album comes the single ‘You’re No Good’. It is a re-worked version of a 1967 track recorded by Harvey Averne, then deconstructed and remade by avant-garde composer Terry Riley. Riley’s efforts are apparently widely recognized as one of earliest examples of remixing, none of which I’d been aware of.

Back to the here and now. The 2011 interpretation of ‘You’re No Good’ is an epic free-flowing 11 minute prog style jam filled with soulful funk. It sounds amazingly elegant, like aural silk, if that makes sense? Taylor’s delicate vocals reign supreme as ever over what is a masterclass of instrumental improvisation.

It may be 11 minutes long but it certainly doesn’t feel that way, an addictive listen that will draw you in from the start and completely steal you away.

‘You’re No Good’ is released on March 14th via Domino.

About Group – You’re No Good

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