Introducing: Moon Visionaries

London based quartet Moon Visionaries have already been lauded by the likes of Steve Lamacq, NME and Q Magazine.

On the surface the could be very easily written off. Yes they are catchy and yes they are quite poppy but but with some attentive listening there is more here than something of a guilty pleasure.

This is where their strength lies, they don’t attempt to gloss over or hide behind it, in fact they embrace with remarkable results. It’s unashamedly feel good, inoffensive and soulful toe-tapping indie, quite similar in many ways to the more cheerful tunes of The Coral or perhaps the better material from The Kooks.

While they’re not breaking new ground what they do, they do well. We might do well keeping an eye on these guys.

 Moon Visionaries – In The Green Room

Moon Visionaries – I Knew You Like That

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  1. Josh

    Caught them in Camden a few weeks back, very likeable live too. A head above the run of the mill indie junk that’s still being peddled here post-Libershambles.


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