Introducing: Moths

I spend a lot of time concentrating on music from around the world. One place in particular never ceases to amaze me musically, my hometown of Newbridge, Co. Kildare.

Yes I may be biased but what of it? For such a small place it certainly punches above its weight. I have been trying to cobble together a post on that very subject for sometime but it will have to wait, but, until then here is the artist who inspired the thought, Moths.

MOTHS is the moniker of 17-year-old Newbridge musician Jack Colleran. This guy crafts super chilled, fresh electronic soundscapes filled with crisp filtered beats. He has already cooked up some luscious electro jams so probably best to allow the music speak for itself.

It’s still early days but Jeez, this guy’s got potential.

You forgot a username for the Vimeo shortcode

Moths – <3

Moths – slow/down

Moths – Blisters

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