The Lucky Dip Escapade – ‘Learning to Count’ EP

The Lucky Dip Escapade is the moniker of UK ex-pat Oliver Smith who now resides in Sweden where along with his trusty acoustic guitar, makes heart warming and touching folk/rock.

Proclaimed as writing “the best Billy Bragg song that Billy didn’t write”’. The Bragg comparisons are probably inevitable due to the commonality with his work and more recent contemporaries such as Frank Turner. It’s not bad company to be in really.

Few musicians possess the talent to flip between sincere political subject matter and personal, heartwarming love songs. This is executed elegantly throughout Learning to Count. ‘Camp Fire Song’, an eloquent inditement of modern life and mis-rule sits comfortably alongside the touching ‘Tired Eyes’ or ‘Life Boat’ effortlessly.

It’s refreshing to hear folk music which is unashamed to say something deeply personal, political or otherwise. Folk music is about stories and telling them, like his aforementioned contemporaries he has this ability in abundance.

The Lucky Dip Escapade – Campfire Song

The Lucky Dip Escapade – Rabbit Holes

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