Frank Turner – ‘Rock & Roll’

Three albums and a raft of EPs in five years, British folk-punk Frank Turner‘s solo career has certainly been prolific. At a quick glance Turner’s music could sound overtly simple but on further investigation you discover it’s consistently strong material. Rock & Roll is no different.

Despite the EP’s title, it includes some of Turner’s least fiery work, choosing instead to explore his love affair with rock and roll on ‘I Still Believe’ and ‘Pass It On’. The riotous ‘To Absent Friends’ breaks the relaxed theme before closing with ‘The Next Round’, a stumbling melancholic dirge listing excuses to have a wee drink concluding “of all of the things I could become/a lonely drunkard isn’t one/for which I would have wished/when I was young”. A stunning finish.

A new LP is due in the first half of 2011 – until then this EP will keep us more than entertained.

Frank Turner – I Still Believe via ZManagement

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