Turzi – Baltimore (Feat. Bobby Gillespie)

Turzi is the brainchild of French artist Romain Turzi, who aided and abetted by his band released their second album B.

B includes this eye catching collaboration with Primal Scream front-man Bobby Gillespie. ‘Baltimore’ sounds a lot like Gillespie’s day job, particularly the Evil Heat/XTRMNTR days.

Far from being a one trick pony, B in its entirety feels much like a movie soundtrack of the epic adventure variety. There are moments where it sounds very ambient only to morph dramatically into something much more menacing and sinister as they maneuverer through a myriad of Krautrock, psychedelia and electronica influences.

B is a true hidden gem of an album – one that will take time to fully appreciate in full.

  Turzi – Baltimore (feat. Bobby Gillespie) via FrenchMusicUK

Mp3: Turzi – Baltimore (Turzi Vs Zombie Zombie) via thepinglepad

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