Kid Karate – ‘HEART’ EP

A heroic show at this years HWCH confirmed Kid Karate status as ‘ones to watch’. The Dublin duos live shows certainly are something to contend with but the question on everyone’s lips is ‘can they replicate this energy and ingenuity on record?’.

The answer is an emphatic YES. Their debut EP HEART, captures all that makes them such a formidable live act. With no time to catch your breath you are bowled over by a storming blend of Rapture-esque disco-punk meets the gruffness of Arctic Monkeys and The White Stripes. Much like the later it’s hard to believe two people can make such a racket, from ‘Black + Beige’ to ‘Vicious’ this is scuzzy, guitar riff-heavy rock n roll at its very finest.

The strength of this EP hinges on the marriage between earth shattering wailing vocals of Kevin Breen, pummeling drum beats of Steven Gannon, distortion-laden instruments and synths, resulting in a riotous and rumbustious aural assault. Punk’s certainly in capable hands.

HEART confirms Kid Karate as one of Ireland’s most exciting emerging prospects, frighteningly you get the feeling there is still a lot more to come.

Kid Karate – Black + Beige

Kid Karate – HEART

Kid Karate launch HEART in Crawdaddy, Thursday November 25th. Tickets €8.

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