Introducing: We//Are//Animal

North Wales 5-piece We Are Animal are a curious bunch, recording songs the day they are written in households, slate quarries, fields, woods and old folks homes around their locality, the foot of Mount Snowdon.

This explicit and unpretentious DIY attitude brought on by financial constraints has certainly added to their output, helping conjure something rather exciting, original and organic. It’s not really clear what it is, in the best possible way.

Their music is a curious hybrid of buzzing guitars, pummeled drums, great hooks and impressively accomplished song writing ala Super Furries eccentricity, Rapture-esque disco-punk held together by buzzing riffs.

Not even one year old, We Are Animal have been extremely prolific in attracting lots of attention on the strength of their demos and live shows, with a UK tour and their debut album Idolise on the way on 25 October, perhaps the best is yet to come.

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‘Black Magic’ was given away by NME, grab it here

We Are Animal – Unfold/Fold

We Are Animal – 1268

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