Mario at 25

Super Mario Bros, one of the most recognizable and popular game series will celebrate its 25th birthday this week. The game was released in Japan September 13, 1985 revolutionising computer games forever. I, like most people spent a lot of time playing the various Mario games over the years.

The mushroom munching plumber has had an eventful 25 years, anyway it’s the perfect excuse to share this super RAC (Remix Artist Collective) ‘Mario Bros mix’ – it’s not new but it’s a keeper, enjoy!

Mp3: RAC – Mario Bros (RAC Mix)

Via The Music Ninja (apologizes)

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  1. blas

    Great article.. uhh would be nice to get a link back if you are gonna HOTLINK our mp3s 🙂 your lucky I didnt switch it to a porn clip of a girl moaning lol


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