A Quick Chat with Django Django

Django Django featured on the blog earlier in the year and they’re as brilliant as they’re difficult to categorise. A melting pot of backgrounds, culture and musical influences has resulted in some of the tightest, cleverest and catchy as hell danceable indie of 2010.

With an album in the pipeline the Django’s are destined for great things and definitely ones to watch in the next year, with that in mind we decided to get in before the rush and have a quick chat with them. Thanks to Dave for taking time out to chat with us.

Django Django’s three biggest influences & why?

1. Joe Meek, maverick producer who pushed pop music into new and strange places bringing avant-garde sounds to the charts and had a passion for experimental production.

2. The Beatles and The Beach Boys, like Joe Meek, The Beatles and Brian Wilson knew how to push pop music without losing the songs and the hooks. Vinny’s voice in Django always suits being layered up into harmonies and that’s great because I’ve always loved vocal harmonies in music. He’s good at picking out weird harmonies and that’s something these guys did so well and that’s made me love these two bands for as long as I can remember.

3. De Wolfe Library LPs, just a great back catalogue of weird and wonderful records. They’re a bit pricey to buy on eBay now mind, but trunk records do good reissues of this kind of thing.

Three favourite remixes/songs of 2010 so far?

Hot Chip – One Life Stand (Carl Craig PCP Remix)

Egyptian Hip Hop – Wild Human Child

Rye Rye – Witch Doctor

Three things Django Django have planned for the rest of the year?

1. Finish the album! We’ve been working towards an album all year so it will be great to wrap it up. We’ll have the four tracks from the two 7″ records on it plus some new material and some reworked older ones from the live set. It’s exciting to see / hear it coming together. we would love to do a 12″ this year with some remixes but it might get pushed into February, just before the album.

2. With the album hopefully in the can by November, we’ll go out and do some live shows, probably lock ourselves away for a couple of weeks to try and get the live side stepped up then maybe a couple of London shows and a few around UK.

3. Look out for Django related club nights this autumn, ‘kick and clap’, ‘bad to the bone’ and ‘Halloween music fair’ at Cecil sharp house in London.

You forgot a username for the YouTube shortcode

Django Django – Storm

Django Django – Love’s Dart

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