Tap Tap: An Overlooked Gem

Tap Tap is a side project of Thomas Sanders, lead singer/guitarist for Pete and the Pirates which is now two albums in, Lanzafame (2006) and On My Way (2009).

The fruit of Sanders simple yet effective approach is perfectly crafted quintessentially English jangly indie/folk with touches of 60’s psychedelia – think of a cross between The Beach Boys, Syd Barrett and Mystery Jets. It flips between the melancholic and beautiful, to the rowdy and rousing without ever feeling forced or misplaced, all while being ridiculously catchy. Sanders timeless songwriting of everyday ponderings coupled with his wonderfully soothing vocals makes for a rather special listen and places it head and shoulders above many contemporaries.

Get your ears around new song ‘Dry Dry Land’ and the emotionally charged drunken ponderings of ‘Half Moon Street’ – perfect for relaxing with on a sunny afternoon.

Mp3: Tap Tap – Dry Dry Land

Mp3: Tap Tap – Half Moon Street

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