Minitel Rose – ‘Atlantique’

Whoever said the Germans were the ones stuck in the 80′s?

Minitel Rose, another in a long list of French acts with a serious 80’s fetish, return with Atlantique, follow-up to the superb The French Machine. While their previous effort was inspired by 80’s stalwarts the A-Team, Knightrider and C64 games musically it was modern electro. This however is deeply 80’s sounding electro-pop, gone are the gung-ho synths and melodic tendencies of Klaxons and in are the well polished 80’s sounds, synths and sensibilities.

This new approach takes some getting used to but once your over the shock, resigned to the fact there’s no floor filling  bangers you begin to appreciate the record. It’s steeped in 80’s electro pop which means more vocals and vocally they could do better, they just don’t seem to suit many of the tracks. However these few shortcomings are paved over with some sprinklings of gallic flamboyance, at it’s best on ‘100 Years’, ‘Heart of Stone’ and ‘Stay’ .

Minitel Rose – Stay

Minitel Rose – Wild Birds

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