Happy Bootleg Friday Time

Old School Bootlegging: Prohibition such a waste

Old School Bootlegging: Prohibition such a waste

I’m off to Oxegen for the weekend so won’t be posting anything until Monday I’d imagine but here’s two super bootlegs that’ve been distracting me all week. Hopefully they keep you going while I’m gone, I’m nice like that.

Don Diablo vs The White Stripes – Seven Nation Daddy

First up is a super mash up by Dutch Dj Don Diablo of his new single ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ and The White Stripes ‘Seven Nation Army’. I’m hoping to get a good listen to his forthcoming debut album ‘Exit Studio Sweatshop’ soon.

Jay-Z vs Focus – Pray (Hocus Pocus) [Trafik’s Brave Bootleg]

This super mashup of Jay-Z’s ‘Pray’ and Focus’ ‘Hocus Pocus’ from Trafik was dropped into my inbox this week. It’s a brilliant bootleg  which further compounds the theory ‘I love Jay-Z bootlegs’, weird that.  Trafik released their album None But The Brave on Global Underground last month.

See yiz all Monday(ish)!

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