‘Mr Nice’ Trailer

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The trailer for Mr Nice a biopic of International Drug Smuggler Howard Marks based on the best-selling autobiography of the same name has just been made available online. While there are a few caveats with the story (which I can’t be bothered to go into right now) it should make for an exciting and enthralling film and the decision to cast Rhys Ifans in the lead role (he’s probably the only man who could pull it off) adds more expectation.

The Super Furries even paid homage to him writing ‘Hangin’ With Howard Marks’ and used the passport photos from his many aliases on the cover of the very same album Fuzzy Logic, some more background info on Howard Marks.

Mp3: Super Furry AnimalsThe Man Don’t Give A Fuck (Howard Marks Remix)

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  1. Mark McGuite

    Hopefully this will be the first film I see, after having already read the book, that I still think is good! No doubt the story is epic. The book had me enthralled from start to finish, but I already have my scenes from my imagination that will most likely clash, as usual, with the Hollywood version. I hope I stand corrected as the story has all the makings of a classic like the Johnny Depp movie “Blow”. I had never read that book beforehand though I might add!


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