Double Dagger Live, Whelan’s 19/05/10

Suitably warmed up by sun, pints and of course support band Guilty Optics we were ready whatever onslaught Baltimore’s Double Dagger could throw at us, or so we thought. You could be forgiven for not getting carried away, trotting upstairs, through a smoking area to be greeted by what for all intense and purposes is a room, a room that looks not too dissimilar to student digs albeit with a bar. Thankfully good music is surpasses all surroundings and the setting had its merits, small groups of dedicated fans can get up close and personal.

Up close and personal seems to be a speciality of lead singer Nolen Strals in particular who brings a whole new dimension to audience participation as he wades into and out of the crowd,  it was clear from the outset this wasn’t going to be just ‘another’ gig. As a recent covert to their music, it was surprising to say the least but it just added to the intensity of the night, channeling their unbridled energy (and sweat) straight at you. The set was pretty explosive, it’s hard to fathom how they can deliver such a raucous and loud sound with so few members, it has to been seen to be believed. A relentless bombardment of heavy weight garage punk with little or no let up ensued, running through tracks from Masks and other more unfamiliar material that sent the old room upstairs in Whelan’s reeling, great gig all round but ‘Pillow Talk’ has to take the biscuit on the night.

It just goes to prove that fancy venues and equipment mean nothing, it’s all about the music, talent and love of giging.

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