The King Blues – Headbutt

I’ve never really been able to make my mind up on The King Blues, they often sound too simple, juvenile and lacking the lyrical panache when dealing with political and social issues to be taken serious. However, I loved their cover of ‘New England’ and I’m quite taken by new single ‘Headbutt’. There’s a touch of Jamie T about it and it’s nice and easy on the ear, so can’t really ask for more than that.

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  1. dfallon

    ^ The Briefs, ace! I play ‘My Baby Is A Communist’ at least twice a day. You a fan barry?

    As for The King Blues, my introduction to them was their Billy Bragg cover. I know v.little about them, but I see where you got the Jamie T comparison from, to say the least.

  2. barrygruff

    No lads I must check The Briefs out, especially with songs like that 🙂

    The King Blues’s heart is in the right place politically from what I can gather, but musically summat seems outta place though.


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