Introducing: Django Django

Django Django a band so good they named it twice. That’s not an exaggeration by any stretch of the imagination, the music collective hailing in parts from Edinburgh, Fife, Derry and Leeds are as brilliant as they are difficult to categorise. Perhaps it is this melting pot of backgrounds, culture and musical influences fusing together with their experimental nature which makes them so good. One of the things that jumps out of their music is the sheer quantity of  influences coming through from old rockabilly artists to Devo and the Beta Band.

What do we care? Well they bring all this together wonderfully to create some tight, clever, catchy as hell danceable indie, these guys have the potential to make a big, big mark on music and are definitely a band worth keeping an eye out for this year.

Mp3: Django Django – Zummzumm

Mp3: Django Django – Storm

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