Shout Out Out Out Out – Reintegration Time

Reintegration Time is the second album from Canadian experimentalists Shout Out Out Out Out, who unfortunately I have yet to see in the flesh but by all accounts are a live act to behold. Their sound, style and genre are quite difficult categorise due to the colossal mash-up of sounds, think of a mutant creation from what’s good about Zzz, Pivot and fellow Canadians Holy Fuck. The result of this melting pot of sounds, experimentation and talent is a record loaded with rhythmic beats, throbbing bass lines and synths, this kind of stuff can absolutely destroy dance floors.

There is an unexplainable realness to this record which leaves you feeling somewhat part of the whole process. The listener is taken on an upbeat and somewhat relaxing journey from openers ‘Run’, ‘Guilt Trips Sink Ships’ and ‘Bad Choices’ straight through to  the utterly chilled and captivating electronica that is ‘Reintegration Time’. As if there wasn’t enough creativity on offer within this sextet, they have recruited fellow Edmonton hero Cadence Weapon and San Serac to lend a hand.

The album is never flashy, always grounded in their obvious self belief in their own abilities, which after a couple of listens you will be converted. There is a constant building and progression throughout this record, urged on emphatically by industrial style precise precession and rich techno. Simply put it has more analogue synths, driving bass lines and robotic vocals than you could shake a stick at and could quite easily come with a health warning, ‘may cause dance floor Armageddon’.

Rating: 7.5/10


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