TOY announce New Album ‘Clear Shot’, Share ‘Fast Silver’


UK psych-rock outfit TOY have announced news that their new album, Clear Shot – the group’s third studio LP – will be released on October 28th via Heavenly.

Following last year’s collaborative album with Bat For Lashes’ Natasha Khan and producer Dan Carey as Sexwitch, Clear Shot is a proper follow-up to 2013’s Join The Dots. Heralding the new record is single ‘Fast Silver’; a playfully fuzzy, mid-tempo six-minute psych excursion. Shrouded in broodiness and punctured with stabby keys, it takes its time to develop into a hypnotic swirl of guitars and hazy atmospherics, punctuated by flickering electronics and percussion. As far as indications of what we can expect in future, you can’t ask for any better than this; moodily atmospheric yet optimistic and impeccably pieced together.

Clear Shot is out on October 28th via Heavenly. Listen to ‘Fast Silver’ below.

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Sexwitch – ‘Ha Howa Ha Howa’


Natasha Khan of Bat for Lashes fame, has joined forces with members of TOY and producer Dan Carey, for a new project called Sexwitch.

Due out on September 25th, the self-titled, six-song collection consists of cover versions of ’70s psych and folk songs from across the world, and although comprised of covers, most probably won’t be familiar with the songs. Following on from ‘Helelyos’, and with the record’s release this week, Sexwitch have unveiled a new track, ‘Ha Howa Ha Howa’, from Morocco, originally sung in the ‘70s by Cheikha Hanna Ouakki. A hypnotic and captivating track, with a powerful dark groove, rumbling bass and percussives, and primal vibe enthrall no end. The affecting chants and repeated refrain of “He addicted me and I addicted him” are addicting and mesmeric in their own right too. An irresistible and entrancing six minutes plus, that quickly locks you under its spell.

You can check out ‘Ha Howa Ha Howa’ & ‘Helelyos’ below now. Also, ahead of its release this Friday, you can stream Sexwitch’s debut via The Guardian.

TOY – ‘Join The Dots’


Just over 12 months on from releasing their superb self-titled debut, one of last year’s finest albums, TOY are back with news of a new album.

The new record’s called Join The Dots and it’s penned for release on December 9th. Ahead of all that, TOY have bestowed upon us the title track, ‘Join The Dots’ (obviously). It’s safe to say they are sticking with what they do best, there appears to no turn back from the direction they were headed on album number one. ‘Join The Dots’ is almost eight minutes of glorious Krautrock indebted psychedelia, of epic proportions. Mere words will fail to do it proper justice, so just hit play below and turn it up loud.  

Join The Dots is released on December 9th through Heavenly Recordings. Both video and tune are below for your a/v pleasure. 

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Guest Post: Johnny Feeney on 3 Albums of 2012


The ever reliable Johnny Feeney returns with another guest post, this time around he’s sharing three of his favourite albums of 2012 (one’s mainly missed or overlooked on here). Anyway, take it away Johnny.

Pond – Beard, Wives, Denim

In Lonerism, Tame Impala may have released the finest psychedelic rock album of the year, but this album gives it a good run for its money. Upon listening to this, it’s not surprising to learn that Tame Impala members form the core of Pond – frontman Kevin Parker, taking a back seat on this project, playing drums and handling production duties, Jay Watson and Nick Albrook writing the majority of the songs and sharing lead vocals throughout. Joseph Ryan (Mink Mussel Creek) also pitches in with lead vocals and song writing.

Moments of genuine brilliance are frequent throughout from the jangling, opening guitar lines of ‘Fantastic Explosion of Time’ to the glam funk of ‘Elegant Design’ to the space rock of ‘Sun and Sea and You’ to the mind-blowing, slow burner ‘Eye Pattern Blindness’. Clocking in at over 54 minutes, it feels a touch overlong and could probably have been reined in for the greater good but that’s only a small criticism. A fantastic album in its own right.


The debut album from London five-piece TOY takes a bit of listening before you get under its many layers but when you do it’s a real joy. Comparisons with fellow countrymen, The Horrors, are inevitable as they both have a very similar sound. With almost ever-present motorik beats propelling the songs forward, spacey guitars weaving and meshing, the occasional electronic flourish, and singer Tom Dougall’s low-toned vocals, this is an album to get well and truly lost in.

There are some gems in here. ‘Dead & Gone’ is a psychedelic rock treat. ‘Heart Skips A Beat’, an almost pop song, shows the band’s tender side. The menacing instrumental ‘Drifting Deeper’ is an album highlight. The standout track, however, is album closer ‘Kopter’ – an epic, relentless, pulsating beast of a song, ten minutes of unbridled excellence. An assured debut with hopefully a lot more to come from these guys.

Rival Sons – Head Down

This third album from the California rockers sees them continue to wear their Led Zeppelin influence on their sleeves. Pounding drums and powerful riffs abound. Vocalist Jay Buchanan has the Robert Plant wail down. There’s nothing groundbreaking here, it’s just an awful lot of fun. Cracking, opening track Keep on Swinging kicks off proceedings with intent and there’s very little let off after that.

Primarily a blues-rock album, the band also dip in to soulful territory with the delightful Jordan. The sleazy ‘Run From Rock’ is a blues-rock treat with its sliding guitars. The amusing ‘All the Way’ tells the story of a young child learning to play the guitar to pick up girls and live the rock’n’roll dream (‘I couldn’t get the chicks, ‘til I picked up a guitar and learned a couple licks’). A really solid rock album.

(Video) Toy – ‘Make It Mine’


As far as debut albums go, they don’t get much better than Toy‘s self-titled. If it weren’t for the fact we only crossed paths in recent weeks, I would no doubt have been raving about all year.

Toy is an epic, droning and hypnotic wonder of psychedelic rock.  They’ve unlocked something special as they chug toward the most psychedelic outposts of their minds, embracing a kaleidoscopic of wonderful ideas, with roaring riffs, epic choruses, glorious melody sneaking through a vitriolic murky cloud along the way.

Toy’s latest single taken from the aforementioned album, ‘Make It Mine’, demonstrates this prudence for scintillating psych rock. A late taster from what is a strong, self-assured and thrilling debut. There are certainly similarities with (their mates) The Horrors but I’ll leave you with a closing thought, it took The Horrors two albums to get to this level. 

Check out ‘Make It Mine’, ‘Reasons Why’ and ‘Kopter’ below, of which the latter’s spiraling momentum is simply spectacular! Stunning all round. 

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