Video Premiere: Tomorrows – ‘Night Boat to Franklin’

Trading in psych, prog and pop, Dublin outfit Tomorrows have been treating our ears to wonky psychedelic pop songs for half a decade now, and back in February (that feels like a long time ago now) they released their stellar third album, The Night Chorus Part 2.

The core of the band, Conor Deasy, Ben Shorten, Michael Murphy, and Jethro Pickett, were joined by Will Whyte on drums, Ruth Kennington on synth and Julian Banks & Aran O’Grady on saxophone with a wonderful, wonky and beguiling record the outcome.

The latest single to be lifted from The Night Chorus Part 2 is album opener ‘Night Boat to Franklin’ – a woozy, meandering and lush slice of seductive cosmic pop – and it is my absolute pleasure to bring you the premiere of the video. 

Film maker Ursula Woods and Jethro from the band live on the edge of the world in Glaziers Bay Tasmania. Their house, an old apple shed turned livable cabin, sits on poles in the Huon River. ‘Night Boat to Franklin’ is a song that was written and partly recorded there when Conor visited them in 2019.

A beguiling, lush, neo-psychedelic beauty, the track bubbles along an undulating groove, dripping with melody and plenty of off-kilter sax appeal – ‘Night Boat to Franklin’ captures some of the river energy that can only be experienced at the dusk of day.

The video was made when Ursula and Jethro were isolating after returning from Ireland in March 2020. With a real sense of cabin fever, they literally took the boat out and headed for Franklin.

On the journey there was an eerie scene in the sky that particular day as Forestry Tasmania were burning large areas of woodland. The flames and smoke were hanging heavy in the sky with the freezing winter waters below. Upstream, the boat choked and came to a complete still. Ursula kept the camera rolling during the rescue, the video is what it is. Anything can happen on a Night Boat to Franklin.

Check out the video below and if you haven’t done so already, give The Night Chorus Part 2 a spin here.

El Levtchenko – ‘Sunday Social’

El Levtchenko are a Brazilian / Portuguese pairing who’s sonic compositions borrow from a world of influences; there’s Cuban guitar music, a touch of hip hop, some Middle Eastern and African influences, funk and soul, and a whole lot of beautiful psychedelia.

In just under three minutes their latest offering  ‘Sunday Social’ encapsulates everything that is utterly wonderful about about El Levtchenko and their sound. ‘Sunday Social’ is a colourful confection of sunny and alluring Latin flavoured psych. It slinks and swaggers along a super seductive groove and soft, brushed hip hop style beats as basslines bubble and guitars twang, pick and riff amid the sunkissed shimmer. ‘Sunday Social’ whisks you away to a vibrant and colourful world of sun, sea and peaceful vibes. It is a masterclass in psychedelia fusion, and one that will no doubt leave an indelible mark on your soul.

Listen to ‘Sunday Social’ below:

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – ‘Social Candy’


And the winner of the greatest band name of 2018 is…… yeah, you guess it; Psychedelic Porn Crumpets.

Not only do the Aussie outfit have a great handle, they also make great tunes. The Perth four-piece have release new single ‘Social Candy’; a fuzz-filled psych-rock odyssey. ‘Social Candy’ twists and turns, shape-shifting with vibrancy and melody as guitars swirl around heavy hitting percussion and hypnotic vocals, for a powerful onslaught of engrossing, imaginative and unpredictable riffery (but importantly, always wonderful). It’s no surprise they come from the same land that gave birth to modern psych-rock stalwarts Tame Impala and King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard – and ‘Social Candy’ is up there with anything those pair have done to date.

Tune into ‘Social Candy’ below, it is magnificent!

The Orange Kyte – ‘Elasticity’


Throughout 2016, Vancouver’s The Orange Kyte has been on an enviable quest to release a new single each month and if you’ve been keeping tabs on proceedings, then you’ve been treated to some fine music already.

Centred around Vancouver-based, Dublin-raised Stevie Moonboots and a revolving cast of friends and collaborators, The Orange Kyte continue with their impressive musical manifesto with superb new single ‘Elasticity’. ‘It swaggers and grooves its way through a swirling haze of psychedelic ambience, meandering pleasantly toward the midpoint before exploding into life as guitars growl, synths swell and a tambourine snaps, with Moonboots’ incredibly impressive vocals soaring high above. Elasticity’ pulses through the gears towards a triumphant climax, of what is an irrepressible sonic exploration of the psychedelic. It is yet another intoxicating release from The Orange Kyte, one can wonder if all these singles would make for a hell of an album, if all put together.

You can get your hands on ‘Elasticity’ here. Or, conversely, check it below, and its video; comprised of road trip footage from the band’s recent trek to Alberta for shows in Calgary and Edmonton.

The Orange Kyte has announced some Irish shows for December, check them after the jump.

The Orange Kyte: Irish Dates

Dec 28th: The Grand Social, Dublin
Dec 29th: The Kino, Cork
Dec 30th: Sandino’s, Derry

Hippies Vs Ghosts Returns With Scintillating New Single, ‘II’


Time after time, Hippies Vs Ghosts (aka Owain Ginsberg), has monumentally blown us away with his explosive and experimental union of kaleidoscopic, krautrock sounds. Needless to say, any signs of new material is cause for great excitement!

With that in mind, Hippies Vs Ghosts have returned with a brand new scintillating single, ‘II’, and it is SUBLIME! Possessing all the typical Hippies Vs Ghosts’ brilliance – part psychedelic, part krautrock – ‘II’ is thrust forward through a freewheeling and colourful kaleidoscopic world, with an irresistible groove, blistering instrumentals and scintillating guitars. A ferocious, exhilarating and imaginative four-and-a-half-minute trip; and yet another outrageously awesome tune. Such a unique and vital talent, under the careful stewardship of Ginsberg, this is something we’ve become accustomed to when it comes to Hippies Vs Ghosts – and long may it continue.

You can check out ‘II’ below and if you’re looking for more, why not pop over here and check out Hippies Vs Ghosts’ most excellent back-catalogue?


Melody’s Echo Chamber – ‘Shirim’



French pop singer Melody Prochet, aka Melody’s Echo Chamber, is currently working on a follow-up to her sublime self-titled 2012 debut LP.

Where her debut album was made with Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, the as-yet-untitled new album which will be out later this year, will be self-released and written and recorded by Prochet on her own. Ahead of the new album we’ve been treated to a new(ish) single in the shape of ‘Shirim’. Released late last year, ‘Shirim’ retains those hazy, psychedelic aesthetics of her debut while embracing a slightly more pop sound with some glittery textures mingling with fuzzy bass and funky riffs as Prochet’s light, inviting vocals are sublime as ever. With her debut LP Prochet struck a perfect balance between pop and the psychedelic, on the evidence of ‘Shirim’ at least, she would appear to be destined to repeat the trick once more.

There’s no date or title as yet for the second record but for now there’s ‘Shirim’. Stream it below.

Django Django – ‘First Light’

Django Django 2015

News of the imminent return of Django Django is cause for jubilation in itself, add to it a new single and suggestions that a new album is in the wings and we got cause for gleeful celebration (like those that accompany a stoppage time winner!).

This might seem a tad over the top but Django Django’s 2012 self-titled debut is (in my opinion) one of the finest records of recent years. Now the band have awoken from a fairly protracted slumber which has ensued since, with new single, ‘First Light’. Effortlessly catchy and upbeat, this is understated indie bursting with a slinky electronic groove and psychedelic flavours at its heart. Anchored by alluring sunny harmonies and uniquely odd melodies, ‘First Light’ contains all the hallmarks that made their debut wholly irresistible and inspired. While we patiently await their eagerly-anticipated follow-up to their debut, suffice to say, ‘First Light’ does far more than whet ones appetite. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait to long on an announcement!

You can listen to ‘First Light’ below and is available now, digitally or as a limited 12″ from their website.



Introducing: Globelamp

Listening to Globelamp, aka Elizabeth Le Fey, is a full on sensory overload as the free-flowing sound meanders here and there, through an imaginative kaleidoscopic world of bewitching splendour.

A myriad of genres and influences permeate this mystic, blissful and potent psych-folk. Le Fey’s sound is saturated by a dreamy, unpredictable and spaced-out quality, marked by a lo-fi hiss and an off-kilter, dizzying and disorientating quality. She has found perfection in imperfection if you will and in doing so, created some unbelievably special songs. Beneath Le Fey’s free-flowing folky psychedelia there are heartfelt and stirring tales of betrayal, pain and simmering sense of anger. Her words are given added weight through her spectacular and spellbinding voice which seamlessly slides through the gears from soft and gentle, to soaring and powerful, with what feels like the utmost of ease. None are more stirring or inspired examples of this style than ‘Breathing Ritual’. Sounding as though it was recorded in wind, the noise is snatched away before returning just when it seems it is lost as De Fey voice soars above this swirl of unpredictability. ‘Warrior’ offers a softer, more delicate yet just as magical trip. A gentle strum combines with a hiss of fuzz allowing her voice to take centre stage, and as with elsewhere on her debut LP, Star Dust, illustrates just how good a songwriter she is. A beautiful, spellbinding and serene-yet-altogether unusual collection of tracks.

Globelamp’s debut LP Star Dust is available from bandcamp and all you have to do is ‘name your price’.

Photo by Sarah Cass


Velvet Morning – ‘Green Whale’

Velvet Morning 'Green Whale' 2014

Velvet Morning and their self-coined ‘smooth psychedelia’ sound captured our attention this year, with a series of gently contagious, wistful, swirling and seductive bouts of psychedelia.

Having recently signed to RIP Records (good to know it’s not just me they’ve impressed), the Leigh-on-Sea quartet have shared their wonderful new single ‘Green Whale’. In doing so they continue to proliferate their dreamy slumbering wonderland as they conjure something hypnotically alluring, effortlessly cool and vaguely shoegaze on ‘Green Whale’. Washed-out, whispery vocals and a distorted melody line grapple for space amidst oceans of fuzz,as it bobs and bounds in and out of focus, in a woozy free-floating, undulating manner. Melodic, atmospheric and utterly brilliant – Velvet Morning continue to go from strength to strength.

Check out ‘Green Whale’ and its visual companion below.

Hippies Vs Ghosts – ‘Tales of a Lost Bike’ et al

Hippies Vs Ghosts

Hippies Vs Ghosts, the side project from We Are Animal guitarist & vocalist, Owain Ginsberg, has proven rather prolific and rewarding since it’s inception, just over 12 months ago. During which time he’s already served up a number of quality EPs, one off tracks and a stunning debut album, Mother Tongue (one of this years finest).

Thankfully it seems this insatiable appetite for releasing new music has yet to be abated, with news of a forthcoming limited edition vinyl release through Too Pure Records. And more immediately however, some new Hippies Vs Ghosts jams were released online earlier this week and in short; they are fantastic. Continuing in the same vein as previous work – a kaleidoscopic, instrumental Morricone meets krautrock sound – what has become Hippies Vs Ghosts’ signature. ‘Thumbs Up To John’, ‘Tales of a Lost Bike’ and ‘Weather Song’ take us on free-wheeling psychedelic journey through a fascinatingly imaginative, experimental and spaced-out world with an unrestrained organic flow. Swirling noise, seriously groovy yet slightly peculiar (in a good way), as we’re lifted through the swirling noise and earthy production by a driven, electrifying energy, intense riffs and meaty basslines.

Devastatingly excellent stuff from Hippies Vs Ghosts yet again, no indication yet whether these new tracks will make up the bones of the vinyl release, only time will tell. Until then? Time to get acquainted with Thumbs Up To John’, ‘Tales of a Lost Bike’ & ‘Weather Song’ below.