Moodoïd – ‘La Lune’


Parisian psychedelic pop purveyors, Moodoïd, headed up by Melody’s Echo Chamber guitarist Pablo Padovani, have announced details of their debut LP, Le Monde Möö.

The album follows the band’s fine debut self-titled EP, which was released last year and the first single, ‘La Lune’, continues with the same blissed-out, floating and insatiable laid-back grooves as the magnificent ‘Je Suis La Montagne’. Some soft-psych touches, Saxophone flourishes, climaxing sweet melodies and soaring, honeyed vocals culminate into a rather uplifting and bizarrely engrossing cut of psychedelia. Moodoïd’s debut LP, Le Monde Möö, will be released on September and is produced and mixed by Nicolas Vernhes (Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors and Deerhunter). If ‘La Lune’ is anything to go by, their debut record should be one to keep an eye out for.

You can listen to the first single, ‘La Lune’, below.

Velvet Morning – ‘Barrett Land’


Velvet Morning and their self-coined ‘smooth psychedelia’ sound were introduced to us last month, and now 19 year old Samuel Jones and company are back with a brand new track called ‘Barrett Land’.

‘Barrett Land’ sees Velvet Morning proliferate their dreamy slumbering wonderland – it’s a wonderful piece of alluring, swirling psychedelia that is every bit as seductive as any of their previous work. An eerie guitar line, rumbling bass and loping melodic guitar jangle, gently spill and sprawl over one another in slo-mo fashion, whilst the washed-out, whispery vocal sit upon dense, reverb-clad soundscape to evoke a hazy serenity. Just throwing it out there but perhaps ‘Barrett Land’ is Velvet Mornings homage to the late great Syd Barrett, or perhaps not. Either way, it is yet another woozy, spaced-out psych-pop gem from an ever growing collection of stellar songs from Velvet Morning, who, on this evidence are going from strength to strength – and long may it continue.

Check the tranquil ‘Barrett Land’ below.

Cian Ciaran – ‘1/7/69’


Cian Ciaran‘s album They Are Nothing Without Us was one of last year’s finest records, without a shadow of a doubt.

Spiky, angry but with shades of sweetness and a sparkling ability for a pop song sewn in. This combined with a dash of idiosyncratic sparkle, from the man best known as the keyboard player and production wizard with Super Furry Animals, making the whole thing even more palatable as he took aim at the elite, the bankers, politicians and big corporations. This ‘protest album’ of sorts is continuing to prove a rather fruitful one, with Ciaran returning with another single from TANWU in ‘1/7/69’. The ensuing three-and-a-half-minutes of ‘1/7/69’ are a thoughtfully worked out, luxurious blend psychedelic jangle and overlapping backing vocals, with an irresistible drifting quality.

‘1/7/69’, the latest track to be plucked from TANWU, is accompanied by a brand new video from Mark James/Bait Studios. You would be well checking them both out.

Stream: CIAN CIARAN ‘They Are Nothing Without Uson Spotify.




Introducing: Velvet Morning

Velvet Morning

Velvet Morning are a four-piece hailing from the seaside town of Leigh-on-Sea in the UK, predominantly revolving around 19-year old songwriter Samuel Jones, who is ably assisted by Chris Richardson (drums),  John Kirkwood (bass) and Luke Elgar (guitars).

In their own words, this foursome describe their exploration of sounds as ‘Smooth Psychedelia’ but in reality it is far more than merely that. Their’s is wistful indie rock with a psychedelic twist taking one on an intrepid journey to the stars. This free-floating melodic mesmerism is matched with rich, warm production, as the atmospheric seduction and engulfing sultry breeze, endevours to capture the beguiling beauty of a heat haze. Velvet Moon’s current double a-side more than covers all these bases. ‘Octocity’ unfolds beautifully as flickers of psychedelic calm gently smolder over atmospheres of lucidity, feeding glistening guitars and readily flirting with the climactic euphoria but never reaching beyond its languid state of bliss. ‘Clouds Come First’, which is quite Spiritualized-esque, swaggers and bubbles with a smooth, effortlessly cool and focused groove melting into jangly, layered guitar atmospheric and huge reverberated melodies with some timely euphoric surges propelling it to ethereal new heights. It feels like we are in the throes of something of a psych revival at present, all fine and dandy to be fair if we continue to be presented with such delicious talents as Velvet Morning.

You can give both ‘Octocity’ and ‘Clouds Come First’ the once over below and their label ‘Sonic Playground’ are offering a free download of the double a-side  –  download it from here.

(Video) Malachai – ‘I Deserve To No’

Malachai - I Deserve To No

Bristol duo Malachai have announced news this week of a new album entitled, Beyond Ugly, set for release on March 31st.

The forthcoming LP serves as a closing chapter to the ‘Ugly’ triptych, an unplanned trilogy of albums and predated by the excellent Ugly Side of Love (2010) and Return to the Ugly Side (2011). Accompanying this news is ‘I Deserve To No’, the first track from the album to emerge. As far as tasters go, there’s no major surprises. It is a psyched out belter of a track, featuring a signature sonic brew of psychedelics and trip-hop, fused with some Asian inspired sounds. Malachai’s music has always exhibited a notable rawness and rasp, even so, ‘I Deserve To No’ goes one step further. A passionate anti-war message permeates the lyrical content with a relentless anger to the delivery, administered in a raspy sort of reggae style by Gee Ealey. An absolute belter as usual from Malachai. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the third and possibly, final album (hopefully not).

Check ‘I Deserve To No’ and it’s psyched-out video for yourself below. Beyond Ugly is released on March 31st through Domino imprint Double Six.

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Introducing: Sen Segur

Sen Segur

Sen Segur are quite the pop music recycling plant. These Welsh psych-rock wonders – Benjamin Ellis, Sior Amor, Dafydd Evans & Gethin Davies – melt down bit ‘n pieces from past decades of the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s & ’90s, and press it all into something new and rather exciting.

Performing in both Welsh and English, the four-piece already have a number of releases under their belt, constituting to a fun and supremely engaging collection of modern psych-pop. Sen Segur’s own reserved dreamworld of odd ball wizardry is one of psychedelic playfulness, splotches of spaced out throwbacks and straight-up riffs which spills over into our dimension to produce lovely, soft and dizzying psych pop songs. When they find their groove, as they do with their latest singles ‘Love Zebra’ & ‘Get On Up (And Get Back Down)’, it is a blissfully enjoyable experience. Sen Segur have happened upon a sound sparkling with enough ingenuity and charm, to make the past seem like an undiscovered country, well worth taking a trip to. Oh yes. This is great stuff indeed.

All aboard for the wondrous and imaginative world of Sen Segur? You can listen to and download some choice cuts below. 

The Vickers – ‘I Don’t Know What It Is’


We were introduced the alluring sounds of Italian psych rockers The Vickers this summer, through their dreamy single, ‘She’s Lost’. 

The Florence based four-piece are back, signing off on 2013 with new single, ‘I Don’t Know What It Is’. They’re ploughing a similar furrow as before, taking us on a winding and colourful journey through dreamy psych fuzz with a touch of casual darkness, towards a lost, far-out, echoey region. It’s an irrepressibly cool sound speckled with moments of hallucinatory beauty. In other Vickers related news, their debut LP, Ghosts, is due out in March 2014, with both this and the previous single featuring. If the singles to date are any indication, this should be an album to keep an eye out for.

Until then, you can check out ‘I Don’t Know What It Is’ and it’s tripped-out visual companion below.

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(Video) Telegram – ‘Follow’


While only formed in the last year, London four-piece Telegram, have already caused a bit of a stir across the water, and on the evidence of their debut single ‘Follow’, it’s easy to see why.

Sure, psychedelia is very ‘in’ at the moment (it’s never been ‘out’ in my humble opinion) but ‘Follow’ is one of the finest, and savage blasts of tripped-out psych-punk you’re likely to hear. There’s a phenomenal sense of urgency, with riffs that hurtle past at break neck speed, whirring reverberations, droning motorik propulsion and laden with post-punk-esque energy. For want of a better description, it sounds like Toy meets early Maximo Park and there’s nothing wrong with that. Hopefully there’s more where this came from sooner rather than later.

‘Follow’ is out now w/ ‘Under The Night Time’ on the band’s own label, GramGram. You can watch their retro-fused video below and listen to ‘Follow’ below, and then listen to it again.