Melody’s Echo Chamber Announces New Album; Shares ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’


Melody’s Echo Chamber aka Melody Prochet has announced that her long-awaited second album, follow up to her sublime, self-titled 2012 debut, will be released in June.

The first sampling of the new material is ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’, and it all that we would have hoped for and some. Losing none of it’s predecessors preference for dreamy and psychedelic sounds, ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’ is an imaginative and colourful psychedelic pop song with layers of shimmering synth, frazzled electronics, fuzzed-up guitar and gritty bass tones. Echoing much of Prochet’s previous work, it is a song as joyous as a summery breeze as her recognisable soft but euphoric vocals flutter above the glittering floods of surging psychedelia which veer off into a cascading mesh of experimental, spaced-out sounds. A tremendous return which lives up to all that came before while promising much, much more.

‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’ comes with an animated video from Daniel Foothead. Watch and listen below.

New album Bon Voyage will be released on June 15 via Domino / Fat Possum Records.

Melody’s Echo Chamber Shares Previously Unreleased Tracks


                                                                                                                                                                                                    Photo: Diane Sagnier

Unfortunately haven’t heard from Melody’s Echo Chamber in a while, far too long in fact. It has been four long years since Paris’ Melody Prochet endeared herself to the world with her sublime debut LP. Sadly since then, all we’ve had in the way of new material is dreamy 2014 single ‘Shirim‘.

Last week however, Ms. Prochet kindly uploaded four previously unreleased Melody’s Echo Chamber demos to SoundCloud, and judging by the tags, they would seem to have been recorded in 2013 with, and feature Tame Impala‘s Kevin Parker. The pick of the bunch are ‘Pêcheuse De Lune’ and ‘From Pink They Fell Into Blue’, which like her debut, maintain those hazy, psychedelic vibes. At times everything is covered with a lovely blanket of reverb and fuzz, with only Prochet’s honeyed, inviting vocals cutting through the haze. Shimmering psychedelic dream-pop of the finest variety, that finds the sweet spot between between the two, perfectly. Nice as it is to hear these tracks, hopefully we get a new Melody’s Echo Chamber record in the not so distant future. Here’s hoping anyway.

You can enjoy ‘Pêcheuse De Lune’ & ‘From Pink They Fell Into Blue’ below now or head over here, for all four.

Melody’s Echo Chamber – ‘Shirim’



French pop singer Melody Prochet, aka Melody’s Echo Chamber, is currently working on a follow-up to her sublime self-titled 2012 debut LP.

Where her debut album was made with Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, the as-yet-untitled new album which will be out later this year, will be self-released and written and recorded by Prochet on her own. Ahead of the new album we’ve been treated to a new(ish) single in the shape of ‘Shirim’. Released late last year, ‘Shirim’ retains those hazy, psychedelic aesthetics of her debut while embracing a slightly more pop sound with some glittery textures mingling with fuzzy bass and funky riffs as Prochet’s light, inviting vocals are sublime as ever. With her debut LP Prochet struck a perfect balance between pop and the psychedelic, on the evidence of ‘Shirim’ at least, she would appear to be destined to repeat the trick once more.

There’s no date or title as yet for the second record but for now there’s ‘Shirim’. Stream it below.

(Video) Moodoïd – ‘Je suis la Montagne’

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Moodoïd is the solo project of Parisian multi-instrumentalist Pablo Padovani from Melody’s Echo Chamber and  ‘Je suis la Montagne’ is the first single to emerge from the project. 

‘Je suis la Montagne’ or ‘I am The Mountain’ in English, bares a certain similarity to his day job with Melody’s Echo Chamber. It’s hardly surprising given his role in the band, and it’s mixed by Kevin Parker from Tame Impala, who producer MEC’s debut record last year. Padovani’s psychedelic terrain is one of exhilarating experimentation, as ‘Je suis la Montagne’ wanders through a blissed-out and warped plain of swirling guitar-pop, limber harmonies and an insatiable laid-back bass groove. It’s a rather stunning debut track, hopefully there’s much more to follow this early promise.

‘Je suis la Montagne’ is taken from Moodoïd’s forthcoming debut EP, released September 2nd via French label Les Disques Enterprise. Have a wee peek at it up above.

(Video) Melody’s Echo Chamber – ‘Crystallized’

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Melody’s Echo Chamber‘s self-titled debut (of Melody Prochet & produced by Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker) released last year, proved rather special and is still on rotation around these parts.  

Hardy a surprise then, that any excuse to share this infatuation is grabbed with both hands. Say hello to ‘Crystallized’, the latest single and arguably, the standout track from the Parisian’s debut album. ‘Crystallized’ is beguiling example of Prochet’s flair for dreamy pop being pushed into more experimental, spaced-out zones of bleary psych. Prochet’s light, inviting vocals float above a blanket of reverb and fuzz as the track meanders for a full two and a half minutes, until the breakdown that is. Enter the frazzled electronics and full on fuzz rock.

Yet another superb single from an equally stunning debut. I really hope Melody’s Echo Chamber make an appearance on our shores this year.