Beach For Tiger – ‘It’s Been So Long’


Beach For Tiger are a London-based quintet with a penchant for dreamily psychedelic pop gems.

This aforementioned flair is patently obvious from their recently released second EP, with ‘It’s Been So Long’ serving as the opening song. It is an enchanting and whimsical illustration of laid-back vibes and irresistible pop-craft, like a perfect blend of Tame Impala with a touch of Honey Moon and Real Estate. It is a woozy, undulating and heartwarming brand of wistful psych-pop that drifts along dreamily, as sinuous melodies, lilting hooks and jangly guitars coalesce with misty vocals which lead us into a bewitching psychedelic trance. Amid the enchanting haze of woozy psychedelic there is an understated, ever-so-mild groove that hooks you in. Not only do ‘It’s Been So Long’ have a real flair for psych-pop gems, they’ve got a right knack for creating tunes the right side of familiar.

Listen to ‘It’s Been So Long’ below:

Hussy – ‘Slayer’


Hussy is the moniker of South London dream pop purveyor Sophie Nicole Ellison.

Hussy is a multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist with a knack for deep and textured songs, layering fuzzy guitars to create spellbinding soundscapes – something that is on full show with new single ‘Slayer’. It is a tantalising introduction as gauzy layers of winding, overlapping guitars and Ellison’s smooth, breathy vocal are the cornerstone of this atmospheric, yearning and dreamy world. Layers of guitars, fuzz, distortion and whirring are moulded into something beautiful, lulling you in and transfixing, while the spine-tingling, ghostly quality of Ellison’s seal the deal, adding another level of beauty entirely. Recorded and produced in her home studio, short and simple; ‘Slayer’ is a dream-pop delight.

‘Slayer’ comes as a double single alongside ‘Playtime’ that you can also check below.

Vansire – ‘Halcyon Age’


Vansire are dream pop loving duo of Josh Augustin and Sam Winemiller who have been making music under various guises since school before joining forces.

Their latest single ‘Halcyon Age’ is an easy on the ear dreamy, laid-back and loungey synth-pop tune. A mellow, nostalgia-inducing song that is big on the warm, hazy slacker vibes and really soothes one’s mind. Focused around a warm bassline, dreamy guitar and earnest keys which cut a warm and hazy backdrop for the the silky vocals to breathe as the beat shuffles and sways, while remaining quintessentially dreamy and mellow. A really beautiful song imbued with warmth and nostalgia.

‘Halcyon Age’ is taken from the compilation Vinyl Post and it features a host of other tunes from Foliage, MUNYA to Cody Ash. The project is currently being funded via their kick starter page and successful funding will ensure further releases.

Listen to ‘Halcyon Age’ below and you can also check out Volume 1 of Vinyl Post here.

Americanadian – ‘Get Out of My Head, Thank You’


Philadelphia outfit Americanadian began life in 2015 as the musical project of Serena Scalzi. After working alone for a bit, she decided to get some friends – Nina Fuchs (drummer), Abby Woodcock (keys), Hank Byerly (bass), and Michael Algarra (lead guitar) – involved; and thus the full incarnation of Americanadian was born.

Revolving around by Scalzi’s entrancing vocals, the band craft irresistible, lush dream-pop jams that carry a sweet-like-candy melody with just the slightest hint of laid-back and endearingly ramshackle DIY indie. The band’s latest single ‘Get Out of My Head, Thank You’ does all that with a swooning, heart-aching tenderness. Scalzi shows off her subtle, yet impassioned vocals ride a melodic haze leaving you blissful transfixed. Between the brightness of the guitar and the softness of the vocals, it will leave you pretty powerless to resist.

Listen to ‘Get Out of My Head, Thank You’ below – it will take its place on a forthcoming EP slated for release in early 2019.

Hydromag – ‘P.J.R.’


Hydromag is primarily the work of Falmouth-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Josh Best-Shaw.

Having parted ways with his previous band he retreated to his bedroom to setup a recording studio, and began work on what he describes as “essentially a bedroom recording project”. The fruits of which were the Sweet Obsession EP and single ‘I Need to Know’ in 2017 and established his penchant for an alluring blend of dream pop and shoegaze.

Latest single ‘P.J.R.’, written in memory of a close relative who took their own life, subject matter aside, exists in a similarly dreamy space. A spacious, synth-sprinkled, elegant and chilled slice of delectable, ethereal dreamy pop. Gorgeous glistening guitars and lush synths shimmer through the enveloping ethereal haze as the steady beat tips away. While the dreamy guitar licks and synth have their charm, the true allure is the compelling beauty of the interchanging dual male-female vocal, the mellifluous cooing of the latter is irresistible. All in all, an elegant, exquisite and entrancing piece of shoegaze-infused dream-pop; magnificent!

Listen to ‘P.J.R.’ below; it is but one part of Hydromags’ forthcoming This Is Fleeting EP – expected in the new year.

Perfect Body – ‘Fields’


Formed in Cardiff in 2017, Perfect Body take their cue from the sonic experimentation of bands like My Bloody Valentine, Stereolab, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Having established a name for themselves locally, the Welsh five-piece have joined up with the much renowned Bubblewrap Collective to release a split EP along with Zac White. Perfect Body’s inclusion is ‘Fields'; a dreamy, glacial shoegazy effort that rustles with the ghosts of their aforementioned influences and woozy 60s psych. ‘Fields’ is characterised by managing to be a number of things simultaneously; it’s noisy, psychedelic guitar is both that and elegant. It is ethereal yet muscular and amid the icy, crisp glacial tones there is warmth from the slowburing guitars and wall of sound. Combining to create a wall of noise, it is funnelled through a hazing mix of fuzz and distortion which doesn’t obscure the delightful pop core, and allure of the single.

Tune into ‘Fields’ below:

Dives – ‘Sea Spray’


You’re not likely to cross paths with a more aptly titled song than Dives‘ latest single ‘Sea Spray’.

Sydney native Dives’ – AKA Josh Pearson – is an entrancing, hypnotic and cool piece of dream-pop. Lush synths, dripping percussion and the relaxing sounds of submarine sonar pulse combine to conjure up vivid sensory experience of leaving land behind for spoils of the clear blue ocean as Pearson’s mildly fuzzy, effect-laden vocals soar above. A source buoyant and sugary melodies, Pearson’s vocals are the final hook to an irresistible three-and-a-half-minutes of effervescent dream-pop.

Listen to ‘Sea Spray’ below – hard to believe this is only single number two!