Mama Kokomo – ‘Primavera Feel’


Los Angeles-based dream pop three-piece Mama Kokomo has just released their hazy first single ‘Primavera Feel’ and it’s bringing the gorgeous, slumbering vibes of a somnolent summer day.

The trio – Krista Michaela, Hank Smith, and Dorvin Borman – have a penchant for atmospheric instrumentation, jangly percussion, and psychedelic soundscapes, something born out perfectly on their debut single. ‘Primavera Feel’ sort of floats, along a warm, dreamy groove in a sea of lush undulations, in which it shimmers and sparkles. While most definitely permeated by a burning sense of longing, there is an understated feeling of defiance as it fizzes with a brimming positivity. A warm, dreamy and downright magnificent delight.

Listen to ‘Primavera Feel’ below – it doesn’t disappoint.

Many Voices Speak – ‘Necessaries’


Sweden’s Many Voices Speak – aka Matilda Mård – has a very real gift in the way of slumbery whispers of lush dream pop.

Opening her 2018 account with new single ‘Necessaries'; it is indicative of Mård’s tender skill. Showcasing her charming, heartstrung indie-pop songs with a real knack for wry, emphatic storytelling, ‘Necessaries’ moves slowly, on a bed of rolling guitar’s and an undulating melody. Cloaked with an air of melancholy, subtle, drawn-out horns pepper the song, adding another layer to the wistful, dreamy fuzz and pulsating like heartbeat. This shifting mist of atmospheric delight is all capped by rich harmonies and Mård’s soft, sultry, breathy voice that drifts with a weightlessness. Delicate, dreamy and truly captivating, that balance between light and dark is, like ‘Necessaries’ in general, a thing of sheer beauty.

Tune in below. Hopefully we’re hearing more from Many Voices Speak very soon.

Photo: Julia Mård

Terra Pines – ‘Dream Big’


Self-professed purveyors “sludgepop” and “grungegaze”, Terra Pines is an Australian trio comprised of Kelly Hanlon (guitar/vocals), Owen Dengate (guitar/vocals) and Cameron Smith (drums/vocals).

Playful genre descriptions aside, the Aussie outfit make powerful, fuzz-filled guitar tunes and just this month, have released their self-titled album. The album is fronted by rambunctious new single ‘Dream Big'; a perfect intro and one that will have you scooting straight over to the new album. An absolutely brilliant three minutes of fuzzed-up-noise, ‘Dream Big’ is tempered by her lilting vocals, while gritty guitars, heavy reverberating drums and rocking a crunchy, fuzz-heavy riff that rips through the track. For all the powerhouse pieces of post punk, shoegaze and grunge, there is a subtle seam of dreampop running through its core, eking out a near perfect space between sludge, fuzz and hazy pop.

Tune into ‘Dream Big’ below and if it is too your liking, why not check out Terra Pines’ debut record here.

Introducing: Winter


Winter are an LA-based foursome who delight, excite and enthral with their shoegaze-meets-dream-pop sound.

Fronted by Brazilian born songwriter Samira Winter, who’s love for guitar music and nostalgic imagery inspires their dreamy cuts of pop perfection. Winter are set to release their forthcoming new album Ethereality on April 6 and judging by the singles ‘Zoey’ and ‘High School’, we may be in for quite a treat.

‘Zoey’ is blissful, beautiful, dream pop that washes over you with such an easy breeze that it is hard not to be utterly refreshed as a result. Opening with a mellow trickle and longing vocals it quickly expands, with burning guitars and steady beat engulfed in a sea of beautiful fuzz swelling to an epic climax in a quite cinematic fashion. ‘High School’ is less of a glistening daydream and more heartfelt, hazy indie-pop dripping in irresistible melodies and feelings of nostalgia. Two charming and beautifully crafted fuzzy indie-pop gems that should have you more than mildly excited about the prospect of more of the same.

Listen to ‘Zoey’ and ‘High School’ below – and keep an eye out for the new album on April 6.

Desert – ‘Sense Likes’


Desert are Barcelona-based producers Cristina Checa and Eloi Caballé.

Buoyed by a flair for rich, dreamy soundscapes, the Catalan duo reside in an enchanted world that is all their own; of sunny beaches, shimmering sands, calming seas and long summer nights. The pair’s latest single ‘Sense Likes’ drifts from a dreampop influenced origin, to traverse altogether more electronic and experimental regions. Opening with a beguiling, textured haze of dreaminess it shifts seductively, as subtle as shifting sands, through flourishes of electronics, Balearic touches to pounding electronic thumps and accelerating ravey tones. A lavish composition with what feels like a lifeblood of its own, it is utterly transformed. With breathtaking dexterity, ‘Sense Likes’ evokes a mixture of romance and melancholy.

‘Sense Likes’ is the lead single from their upcoming three-track release for singles label, CSCN.