Girl As Wave – ‘Houdini’


New York’s Girl As Wave follows her previous singles, ‘Speed of Light’ and ‘Polaroid’, with new one, ‘Houdini’, as she steadily builds a rep as a reliable source of wonderful dream-pop, piece by piece.

‘Houdini’ is mellow, calm and dreamy, imbued with a dose of sentimentality that lures you in, merging perfectly alongside the wonderful songcraft. It is a multifaceted sound, encompassing a fusion of subtle influences from Americana and Country & Western – a la the elegant of reverb – to a dreampop aesthetic and spooky, cinematic quality, led by the haunting vocals. In short, ‘Houdini’ is marvelous and so easy to fall in love with – the most creative single Girl As Wave has come up with yet.

Tune into ‘Houdini’ below:

Introducing: Pomona Dream


Pomona Dream are Swedish duo comprised of singer/composer Sandra Bang and producer Ribbs, and fully fledged jazzy, synth laced hip-pop enthusiasts.

There is a delicate fusion of jazzy hip-hop with contemporary, dreamy indie pop, brewed to create an infectious, fresh and gorgeous smooth sound. Take the pair’s most recent gift to the world, ‘Easy Raider’, imbued with an airy, sunny disposition and snazzy, jazzy textures with a beat that keeps popping and bassline that just won’t let you go – you’ll have it on repeat. It’s predecessor, ‘Tropicana’ is no less irresistible. With some amazing chillout bossa nova and jazzy vibes, this one brings some serious summer vibes and a fabulous flute solo to the fore. Here are but two of many, many solid reasons to let a bit of Pomona Dream into your life – and you know what? You’ll be all the better for it.

You can sample some of Pomona Dream’s finest offerings below now:

Introducing: Silver Liz


Silver Liz are Chicago-based husband-wife duo of Carrie and Matt Wagner who delight, excite and enthral with their shoegaze-meets-dream-pop sound.

With the recording of their debut full length done and dusted, the pair are teasing us with some tantalising tasters. Latest single ‘Him’ captures the Silver Liz’s shoegaze-laden textures. Carrie Wagner’s haunting vocals lead the charge elegantly through a undulating sea of fuzz, distortion and whirring of guitars, which begin to wail piercingly with the introduction of percussion as we’re thrust into a world of enveloping spacey and shoegazey sounds. A stunning atmospheric, yearning and dreamy soundscape. Meanwhile, ‘One and Twenty’ continues with the dreamy charm but garnering a more refined, blissful and breezy lo-fi indie pop. The songs traded-off vocals have a way of transfixing and the combo of clashing guitars, electrified drums, and ambient synths find a sweet spot between pop and indie/alternative. Expect more where this came from on Silver Liz’s upcoming full length album, to be released at some point in the near future.

For now you can check out ‘Him’ & ‘One and Twenty’ below.

San Jua – ‘Swirls In The Swimming Pool’


Dream-pop duo San Jua have have been steadily establishing themselves as an exciting proposition with a series of wonderful cuts of electro-pop.

The Anglo-Swedish pair continue this trend, returning with amazing new single, ‘Swirls In The Swimming Pool’. San Jua have crafted a fabulous sound of dreamy textures and bewitching vocals floating over bubbling pulses, hypnotic pulsing bass and drenched piano loops. ‘Swirls In The Swimming Pool’ is infectious, hypnotic, mesmerizing and ultimately exquisite. We don’t know a whole lot more about San Jua as information is pretty scant, but given the quality sounds, who really cares?

You can listen to their stunning new single ‘Swirls In The Swimming Pool’ below – it does not disappoint:

Maggy France – ‘Woman’


Maggy France is moniker of Montreal resident Emma Austin who crafts dreamy, melancholic lo-fi indie, with utterly beguiling results.

The spellbinding nature of her music is immediately apparent, even with a cursory listen to France’s debut, self-titled EP was released in 2016. Latest single ‘Woman’ gently bobs along a steady waltzing beat with lo-fi and garage tones joining a beautifully hazy guitar-jangle. It manages to be both dreamy and melancholic at the same time, as Austin’s tender vocal exudes a sense of fragility, heartache and loss. It is a sweetly hypnotic song, tiptoeing the listener delicately into a transfixing haze. A beguiling introduction to the delectable talents of Maggy France.

Listen to ‘Woman’ below & if you’re taken by that, you can listen to Maggy France’s self-titled debut EP, here.