LITCHE – ‘But Isn’t Love Important?’

Aussie producer LITCHE (aka Sam Litchfield) has a knack for cultivating dreamlike soundscapes that whisk us off to free-floating, ethereal wonderland in the clouds.

The latest in his line of atmospheric wares is the heavenly ‘But Isn’t Love Important?’It is a lush, dreamlike affair as synths shimmer and electronics twinkle, illuminating the true pulse of the track as steady beats and sustained rhythm protract the promise of euphoric climax, while keeping you captivated through repeated propulsive beats and swirls. LITCHE blends warm sounds with a crisp frosty elegance, creating a hypnotic, comforting sound collage that thrives in the space between subtly euphoric and vaguely ambient.

Listen to ‘But Isn’t Love Important?’ below:

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