Pi Ja Ma – ‘I Hate U’

Pi Ja Ma is the moniker of French artist and singer Pauline de Tarragon, who crafts rather addicting alt-pop, as evidenced by her recently released debut album, Nice to meet U.

Anyway, Pi Ja Ma is back with a sublimely seductive single in shape of ‘I Hate U’. Lifted from the aforementioned debut, ‘I Hate U’ is a colourful confection of 60s psych and folk influences, quirky pop and contemporary indie and dream-pop.

Destination pure indie-pop heaven, ‘I Hate U’ playfully bubbles along with a bouncy charm, bursting with vitality, catchy harmonies and dripping with lush melodies as skittish guitar swerve in and out amid flourishes of orchestral pop, with de Tarragon’s sweet, airy vocals adding the final touch of magic. It sounds both familiar and fresh – and unquestionably exciting, eccentric and terrifically catchy – it is a sugary sweet track sure to be stuck in your head for days and days.

Listen to ‘I Hate U’ below and if that is to your liking, please check out debut album, Nice to meet U, here.

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