Santigold – ‘Disparate Youth’

I must confess, I have never really got  the fascination with Santigold (or Santogold), no matter how many people raved about the greatness of the music.

Despite this, ‘Disparate Youth’ has me hooked with its bedazzling splendor. It is drenched with indie, reggae and dancehall influences, add a chorus hook recalling The Joy Formidable’s ‘Austere’ (Thanks Nialler) and you’ve got one smooth song. 

‘Disparate Youth’ is the first single proper from Santigold’s forthcoming new record Master Of My Make Believe. One thing is for sure, I will be paying attention to the new album when it arrives later this year. Hopefully this is one of numerous future treasures.

The single will be released as a 5 track EP in April with remixes from Switch, The 2 Bears and Amateur Best.

 Santigold – Disparate Youth

Tom Williams & The Boat | My Bones

After releasing Too Slow in 2011, Tom Williams & The Boat are back with new single ‘My Bones’. 

Album number one displayed an obvious talent for folk rock, with storytelling at its core and a willingness to embrace it. ‘My Bones’, a song of sadness and sorrow, a mournful cry from a jilted lover, continues this trend. Yes, we heard it all before but this succeeds where it may have failed through a combination of witty lyrics, fine song writing and emotion, augmented by an extremely sorrowful violin.

The band’s second album, Teenage Blood, is expected later in 2012.

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 Tom Williams & The Boat – My Bones

Introducing: Simon Bird

Originally from West Somerset but now Dublin-based, Simon Bird produced five EPs in the last 12 months touching on a host of genre’s including; hip-hop, noise, post-rock, ambient and electronica along the way.

His fantastic V EP is a relaxing, thought provoking and engaging release. Through a series of complex layers and rich ambient sounds it creates a really tranquil mood, like gazing into a free flowing flowing river as it passes you by. His live shows have come in for particular praise, while I have yet to witness one myself, I have heard only good reports. Bird is a prospect, no doubt about it. It will be exciting to see what he comes up with next.

His V EP is available from bandcamp below, just name your price, a limited run on vinyl will follow soon.

Simon Bird – Xerox Waveform Godless Ocean

Simon Bird – Stillborn In Autumn

Graham Coxon – ‘The Truth’ | New track & album news

If there’s been an artist over the years who never let me down, it would have to be Graham CoxonHis time with Blur is well noted but Coxon has been consistently knocking out quality solo records for the over a decade now.

Anyway, back to the here and now. Coxon has debuted a brand new track, ‘The Truth’, taken from his forthcoming new LP, A+E. It is certainly a lot different to his last effort, the acoustic driven The Spinning Top and most of his previous work in general. ‘The Truth’ is a sinister sounding one, revolving around an usual (for him) industrial synth beat with the chugging guitar giving off a dark shoe-gazey vibe. Different it may be but Coxon sounds in fine form and with A+E out on April 2nd, surely it’s time to get excited?

You can get ‘The Truth’ for the price of an email on his website or listen to it below. Also check out ‘Advice’, which debuted on Jools Holland’s BBC show in the latter part of last year.

Graham Coxon – The Truth 

Cheap Freaks – ‘Bury Them All’

Do you like your garage rock trashy, with a dash of chaotic fury? Well then, you’re going to want an introduction to Dublin’s Cheap Freaks.

Formed in 2009, Cheap Freaks recorded their debut album, Bury Them All, over a few days in late 2010 and early 2011 with Sean Coleman. On listening to Bury Them All you get the feeling you’re rifling through a record collection of the finer moments of rock n’ roll. It channels inspiration from a host of blues, country, classic rock, punk and indie stalwarts into their very own muddied sound through a haze of powerful vocals and guitar riffs.

From the foot stomping and fist shaking tenacity of ‘No Where To Go’, ‘1984’ and ‘Cryin’ Shame’ to the Them-esque ‘I’m Coming Home’ and the apocalyptic ‘Asahara’s Nightmare’, this album grunts along wildly with the ferocity of a live set. In keeping with this there are softer moments too, breathers fif you like, most notably the stirring renditions of the more downtempo ‘Cruel World’ and ‘Free Of You’. what makes this collection of garage rock jams stand out is the execution, the exceptional creative talents continually shine through the haze of raucous fury.

There is a deep sense of familiarity to this record, like meeting an old friend for the first time in ages and as with all good garage punk, it is best played loud.

Cheap Freaks – Cryin’ Shame

Cheap Freaks – I’m Coming Home