Free Music: Gorilla Warfare Tactics – Premier

Premier is the debut EP from New York City trio Gorilla Warfare Tactics who have a true old-school essence, wordy and feel-good.

They, like many before, have contempt for the soulless, crass ‘bling’ orientated hip-hop of today. Instead like luminaries such as J5, they are consumed by original beats and classic street level rap.

Kid Dilla’s ability to rap and rhyme is unquestionable, effortlessly throwing down flowing verses over CakeXCrumbs’ old-school soul samples and head-nodding, bouncy beats. When pitted together they meld into smooth, crisp feel good and catchy as hell hip hop tunes. You’re not likely to hear better or fresher cuts in 2011 than the stellar ‘Temptation’, ‘Classics’ and ‘The Tale of Mr Street’.

Premier captures the very essence of what makes hip-hop so great. It’s a timely reminder for me anyway, how I felt when first introduced to Gang Starr, J5 & Mos Def – three life changing artists. No pressure lads, hopefully there is plenty more to come.

You can download Premier for FREE from here.

Mp3: Gorilla Warfare Tactics – Temptations

Mp3: Gorilla Warfare Tactics – Classics

Mp3: Gorilla Warfare Tactics – The Tale of Mr. Street

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