Tamaryn – ‘Hands All Over Me’


New Zealand-born musician Tamaryn has announced the follow-up to her sublime 2012 album, Tender New Signs. Entitled Cranekiss, it will be released on August 28th through Mexican Summer.

Coinciding with this news, the now New York-based songwriter, has shared the album’s lead single ‘Hands All Over Me’. While we remain blissfully unaware to how the whole album will sound, this first glimpse suggests a marked change. Her penchant for hazy, softly abrasive and desert-borne dream-pop seems to be taking something of a back seat, sporting instead an ’80s synth-pop sound (there is a serious Gary Numan vibe going on). Alluring and hypnotic, ‘Hands All Over Me’ blends crisp, ’80s-leaning percussion, sensual synth, euphoric instrumentals with the shoegaze wonder of her previous work, as her emotive, powerful vocals piercing through this wall of blissful noise. This is a track to move to, or be moved by, depending on your mood but whatever the case, this is a track to brighten up your day.

Check out the video for lead single ‘Hands All Over Me’ below. Cranekiss is out August 28th via Mexican Summer.

Tamaryn – ‘Tender New Signs’


Rather late to the game on this one, better late than never though. Released last year, Tender New Signs, is the second album from Tamaryn, the San Francisco based duo of New Zealand singer Tamaryn and guitarist Rex John Shelverton.

Tender New Signs seeps out slowly over nine tracks, effortlessly combining the hazy vocals of Tamaryn and soothing tranquil atmospherics into wave after wave of irresistible shoegaze. The album makes the listener work a little harder than usual to begin with, but it is worth it. It never looses focus or breaks its smoldering pace and you will eventually find yourself heading for the replay button.

Give ‘The Garden’, ‘Heavenly Bodies’ and ‘I’m Gone’ a listen below but I thoroughly recommend checking out the album in its entirety.

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