Introducing: SALFUMÁN


SALFUMÁN (aka Sandra Rapulp) is a singer, songwriter and producer from Valencia, Spain, who’s been quietly releasing music under this moniker for a couple years now, and most recently, releasing her debut EP . . . . (yes, . . . . is the title).

Her debut EP is brimming with dreamy, silky synthesizers and shiny, slinky sounds. Synths, drum machine and guitar combine with her breathy vocals, in what seems like effortless ease, for wondrous, hazy and warm results. If you close your eyes when listening to the dreamy 80’s synth-pop inspired sounds of ‘Gran Baile’ & ‘Ramen’, you can imagine them being the perfect companion to a neon-lit nightclub or a mind-clearing after-hours drive. ‘Amoníaco’ is SALFUMÁN’s pièce de résistance; a hypnotic, woozy and alluring heat haze of undulating rumblings, that shimmers with a whirring guitar. It is without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most beautiful songs you’re likely to hear this year, or any year for that matter. Utterly gorgeous and utterly beguiling .

You can sample some choice selections below & you can pick up SALFUMÁN’s EP from for a sweet €1 here.