Cat Dowling – ‘Believer’


Cat Dowling’s latest single ‘The Believer’ is the title track from her debut solo album; a supremely confident effort full of twists and turns

‘The Believer’ was one of the standout from the aforementioned LP, which like it, has a certain PJ Harvey quality, as dreamy imagery shimmers through a murky shrouded darkness. It opens with a rollin’, ramblin’ western swagger, through a perfect blend of marching piano and guitar before unfurling quickly, adding more instruments as the melody builds further and further. It is the perfect backdrop for Downling’s greatest asset to shine; her voice. Her vocals are sublime. The sultry yet raspy tones carry tunes forward vigorously and with such an ease. A truly magnificent song which has eked out a perfect balance between emotional weight and feeling, and a rumbustious tune. No easy achievement. 

‘Believer’ is out now – as is the album of the same name and you can purchase both here.

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