L.A. Witch – ‘Drive Your Car’


Los Angeles garage-rock trio L.A. Witch –  Sade Sanchez, Irita Pai, and Ellie English – are releasing a new 7″ single to celebrate their North American tour with The Kills.

The single is question, ‘Drive Your Car’, is a perfect exponent of their signature sound that veers between moody post-punk and explosive blues-punk-garage. It is a just-over three-minute ferocious blitz of scuzz and sass. Amid the reverb, coarse guitars, chugging riffs and explosive drumming are chased down Sanchez’s ghostly, howling vocal. Softening the blow somewhat, there is a hint of the psychedelic chipping away at what is fierce, fierce track. All in all, this combination makes it impossible not to love, and an easy one to enjoy on repeat.

You can check out ‘Drive Your Car’ below, the 7″ is out now and comes b-side ‘Ain’t Comin Home Master’.

Meanwhile, L.A. Witch will hit the gig trail across North America with The Kills incl. Vancouver on May 31st, in the Commodore Ballroom – full list of dates here.

The Kills – The Future Starts Slow (Death In Vegas Remix)

Death In Vegas recently returned from the wilderness with their first album in seven years. Trans-Love Energies is a moody and spooky affair of krautrock-fuelled electronic beats, So far so good but how good is it? Only time will tell.

DIV head honcho Richard Fearless has reworked The Kills ‘The Future Starts Slow’, one of the best songs from one of the finest albums of 2011, Blood Pressures. Unsurprisingly the retouch has a decidedly Death In Vegas feel to it, churning synths, beats with a breezy spacey vibe.

Check it out below.

 The Kills – The Future Starts Slow (Death In Vegas Remix)

Albums, Albums, Albums: The Kills & Arctic Monkeys

Two more albums getting plenty of plays over the past while.

The Kills – Blood Pressures 

The Kills are another of 2011’s surprises. Yes I had been acutely aware of this duo’s talent but say for a few songs, their albums just never did it for me.

However, latest album Blood Pressures has absolutely blown that assumption to smithereens as they push the parameters of their guitar/drum-machine set-up to its very limit.

Blood Pressures is a fantastic record seeping with clanking, sleazy and dark snarling blues/punk hybrid. It melds the chugging, melancholic dub-tinged skanking rhythm of ‘Satellite’ with the likes of ‘Future Starts Slow’, ‘DNA’ and ‘Nail in My Coffin’ which drip with post-punk guitar riffs and pure aggression. There is even some sultry crooning of the brooding ballad ‘The Last Goodbye’ and ‘Baby Says’.

Blood Pressures really plays to the strengths of Mosshart’s vocals and Hince’s guitar playing, both of which seem effortlessly cool. It is mystifying how just two people can make such a raucous racket, but in no uncertain terms, Blood Pressures is the most complete record of their career.

The Kills – Satellite

The Kills – DNA via Consequence of Sound

Arctic Monkeys – Suck It And See

It seems like an eternity since Arctic Monkeys exploded on to the scene rattling out reckless spiky indie-punk and singing about ‘dancing to electro-pop like a robot from 1984’.  2009’s Humbug, saw them move out of their comfort zone and into darker, weirder terrain proving they had much more in the tank than maybe some had expected.

Album number four, Suck It And See changes tack quite a bit, it isn’t a step back to the Monkeys of old but yet a further departure. They’ve traded in the kitchen sink approach for swooning swagger, it seems our Alex has found a certain romance and seems pretty content. No surprise the rasp has been reigned in, his vocals ripened into a honeyed croon a la his recent Submarine EP.

The record oozes with warmth and a glowing feeling of sentimentality none more so than Black Treacle’, ‘Suck It And See’ and ‘Reckless Serenade, while ‘Piledriver Waltz’, ‘Love Is A Lazerquest’ and ‘That’s Where You’re Wrong’ are similar but more melancholic. They have found a nice groove, something they are comfortable embracing.

There are dark and dirty rocky moments too like ‘Don’t Sit Down Because I Moved Your Chair’, ‘Library Pictures’ and ‘All My Own Stunts’, which sound much like hangovers from Humbug. ‘That’s Where You’re Wrong’ brings the curtain down in style with a terrific stirring indie-rock rendition (the chords sound remarkably like those from Humanzi’s ‘Out On A Wire’).

The four skinny indie kids from 2006 are growing up fast. In true Arctic’s fashion the music is reflective of their lives, albeit lives that have changed dramatically but the quality remains intact.In 2011, Arctic Monkeys remain as fresh and important as ever. In short Suck It And See is full of beautiful tunes, beautifully played and beautifully produced.

Arctic Monkeys – Don’t Sit Down Because I Moved Your Chair

Arctic Monkeys – Suck It And See via fadeglamourblog

Glastonbury ’11: Bits n’ Bobs

Glastonbury is over and done with for another two years, but thanks to the brilliant BBC coverage we were all able to enjoy a lot of the weekend’s action from the comfort of our respective couches.

Much of the weekend’s antics isn’t online yet but here are some of the highlights from across the weekend…

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The legend that is Jimmy Cliff

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More feel good vibes from Primal Scream

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The Kills ripping it up

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The Horrors new album really can’t come quick enough

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Elbow doing what they do best

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Old masters The Chemical Brothers tearing it up.

The Kills – Satellite (The Bug Remix)

The Kills latest album Blood Pressures has absolutely blown me away. It is as it happens, the first to do so.

The Kills were always a band I knew were great and hugely talented, but say for a few songs, their records never captured my full attention. That’s all changed now, hardly a day passes with which Blood Pressures doesn’t get a spin. More on that later.

The chugging, melancholic dub-tinged ‘Satellite’ has received a revamp from UK producer The Bug. The dubby vibe is blown-out considerably giving it a ghoulish, eerie and ethereal vibe.

Download the track below.

Download: The Kills – Satellite (The Bug Remix)

The Kills – Satellite

via Domino