Beauty Queen – ‘Sweet Memory’

LA-based singer/songwriter Katie Iannitello, better known as Beauty Queen, introduced her penchant for dazzling delights of lush, hazy and dreamy pop with 2019 debut EP, Out Of Touch.

Beauty Queen is back, kicking off her 2020 with a sublime slice of seductive synth-driven pop in the shape of ‘Sweet Memory’. Produced by Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley of Tennis, it has the duos stamp all over it as ‘Sweet Memory’ sees Iannitello’s already captivating, polished sound pushed into hazier, dreamier and more spaced out zones. It is a dazzling blend of subtle guitar-lines, sleek synths and lush tones that shimmers and drip with a rich and alluring melody while the pristine honeyed vocals are a perfect pairing for this glittering pop that will be instantly recognizable to Tennis fans – it is quite simply a heavenly combination.

Listen to the dazzling ‘Sweet Memory’ memory below and while you’re at it, why not check out the 2019 debut EP, Out Of Touch, here.

Tennis – ‘I’m Callin’


Tennis are back, the Denver indie-pop duo have announced they will release their new album, Ritual in Repeat, on September 9th via Communion Records.

Ritual in Repeat will be the third LP from the husband-wife duo, and follows on from the high standards set out by 2012’s superb Young and Old LP and late 2013 EP, Small Sound. As a taste of the new LP, Tennis have shared new single ‘I’m Callin’ which sees the pair retain their signature bubbly melodies and breezy pop sensibilities, while channelling some ’70s disco-funk infused vibes. It’s a bright, sunny and exuberant toe tapper, featuring some rather nimble guitar work, springy beat, bloopy keys and funked bassline. It offers a perfect backdrop for Moore, once a shy and reticent type, to exhibit her sultry, soulful and almost diva-esque vocals. ‘I’m Callin’ is a compelling listen, and while still very much Tennis, it offers a new dimension to the duo’s dynamic that should have you pressing repeat again and again. Based on this evidence, Ritual In Repeat, should be all kinds of charming.

Ritual In Repeat is out on September 9th via Communion but before all that, you can get acquainted with ‘I’m Callin’ below.

Tennis – ‘Mean Streets’


Husband-and-wife duo Tennis have breezed back into our lives with a brand new EP, Small Sound, which follows on from Young and Old, one of last year’s finest albums.

The lead track from Small Sound is ‘Mean Streets’ fits easily into their back catalogue. Unsurprisingly then, it’s yet another sweet, honeyed indie pop ditty, infused with so lighthearted dreaminess. Amid all the compelling sweetness there is just enough punchy percussion to get those toes tapping and bodies swaying. A charming return from a pairing who specialise in easy on the ear, gentle, ’60s inspired sounds. You can never really have too much of this duo in your life. 

You can give ‘Mean Streets’ the once over below and Small Sound is out now via Communion.

Best of 2012: w/ Padraig, Colm & Dean from The P Affection


It’s that time of year when every music website, publication and blog (including this one) are busy compiling end of year lists. This time around, I thought I’d shift the focus to the bands and artist’s who’ve played a ‘BarryGruff Presents’ show this year and ask them for their ‘favourite album of 2012′, ‘favourite song of 2012′ & ‘favourite Irish song of the year’.

Enough chat from me, here’s the lads from The P Affection and their picks from the year that was 2012.

Favourite album of the 2012: Tennis – Young & Old

I have been crazy about Tennis since I heard Cape Dory (The fact that Alaina Moore is cute is a plus too!). Young & Old sees the gang groove a little more. Bit disappointed ‘Deep In The Woods’ wasn’t featured on the album but it really does hold its own as a collection of songs as is. Its exciting to see the band develop so much from the first album and I hope they keep things fresh for their followup. My favourite track is probably ‘Origins’. It’s the kind of track you could have as a wedding dance or play at a funeral, one of those tracks that captures the perfect melody/harmony balance too, and brings so much emotion out! (Padraig)

Favorite Song of 2012: The Cribs – ‘Chi-Town’

2008 saw the beginning of my love affair with The Cribs. I had swapped iPods with one of the lads and the rest is history!. Like most Cribs tracks, ‘Chi-Town’ is punchy, quick and full of hooks that just make it catchy as fuck! I was blown away the first time I heard it and every time since I can’t help but tap along. This track is full of that Jarman brother charm that give it serious re-listen-ability, Hook central. (Colm)

Favourite Irish album of 2012: Funeral Suits – Lily Of The Land

Mad about Funeral Suits. This is a deadly album! I had heard them first, back in the day, when they supported The Breeders in Vicar Street. The standout tracks are probably ‘Colour Fade’ and ‘All Those Friendly People’. Savage live show too! (Dean)