Millions Like Us: A New Podcast In Conjunction w/

Millions Like Us logo (1)

Delighted to announce Millions Like Us, a new music podcast in conjunction with Vancouver news & culture site 604now.

Hosted by myself & craft beer, pastie and fast-food safari enthusiast, Justin Beats, we’ll be sharing great new music, some musings and general chit-chat, with a Vancouver slant, on a fortnightly basis. This is the first of what we hope is many, many podcasts and we’re looking forward to developing it further over the coming weeks and months. Not much else to say really, aside from thanks to 604now and we hope you enjoy the show (all feedback, good or bad, is most welcome).

You can read more on it here and listen to episode #1 below, and the tracklist (with links) is after the jump.

Episode #1 Playlist:

Faith Healer – ‘Cosmic Troubles’
White Poppy – ‘Confusion’
Sales – ‘Big Sis’
Danny Diggs – ‘Wino’
The Expert – ‘Devine’
Open Window – ‘0013 (Riot Tape)’
Villagers – ‘Courage’
Anderson – ‘Things We Have In Common’
Django Django – ‘Shake and Tremble’
Energy Slime – ‘Star On The Ground’
Hot Chip – ‘Started Right’
James Deen – ‘An Unwritten Love Song To Summer Roberts’
Sh-Shakes – ‘Little To Life’
Zen Mystery Fogg – ‘Pale Horse’
DRINKS – ‘Hermits on Holiday’
If you would like to get in touch? Email at millionslikeuspodcast[at]gmail[dot]com or on Twitter.

BarryGruff Playlist August 2015


A now regular monthly feature, whereby we round up all the blog action with a nice, neat and handy playlist of tracks featured during the month.

August was pretty damn good! We had new tunes from Anderson, The Foetals, The Annulments and DRINKS ahead of their respective, forthcoming new albums. There were excellent new singles from SALES, Cornershop, Imploded View, Foreign/National and Silverbacks, and EPs from Mr Huw & Dog Legs. Oh, and Johnny Feeney shared his albums of the year so far too.

Also featured on this month’s playlist are great tracks from Martha Ffion, Sh-Shakes, SQRD, BUCK, and Ghost Culture’s, Ghostpoet remix . So, August, pretty good alright.

Listen to BarryGruff’s August 2015 playlist below.

Introducing: Sh-Shakes


Sh-Shakes are a psychedelic garage quintet – Luke (rhythm guitar / vocals), Alex (lead guitar), Max (bass guitar), Kieran (keys) & Salem (drums) – from Vancouver.

Embracing the spirit of the ’60s, Sh-Shakes channel in parts, Dylan, the Stones, The Velvet Underground and The Doors, to whisk together an altogether irresistible fusion of west coast surf, garage psych and rock ‘n’ roll. ‘My Own Time’ offers an empathetic, upbeat and infectious introduction to Sh-Shakes. A spirited and raucous thrasher, it passes with a blur of rambling organ work, galloping guitars and hand-claps combine with swashbuckling effect. ‘Little To Life’ meanwhile, applies a gentler, sun-soaked and hazily beautiful approach to the Sh-Shakes mo. Flourishing with a soulfulness and undulating psychedelic grooves that gently ruminate in such a way that Little To Life’ be a lost mid-60s Doors track. They do however, inject some of their own charm into it that makes it feel relevant. Two fine cuts of irresistible psychedelic jangle, soulful groovers that reign supreme in their re-imagining of the ’60s.

You can listen to ‘Little To Life’ & ‘My Own Time’ below & both are available to download for FREE, over here.