Kevin McWha Steele – ‘Front Page News’


Based in New York City, songwriter, poet and musician Kevin McWha Steele brilliantly versatile modern singer/songwriter, whose got a way with brewing extremely well-crafted and catchy songs

Heavy on the retro-rock vibe ‘Front Page News’ is the first single lifted from forthcoming album The Nightly Howl (#2 album in three album series The Ariel Trilogy). Taking its influence from late-’60s/early-’70s stalwarts, ‘Front Page News’ bears comparison with stellar names from those eras – The Kinks, Small Faces, T. Rex and Faces; not bad company at all. Fitted with sweet licks, addicting riffs, ballsy swagger and a stomping beat and groove, this is a sumptuous slice of retro rock ‘n roll cool. The confidence and ambition of both the arrangement and song, makes for an irresistible three-minutes of stellar songwriting and rock and roll.

You can listen to ‘Front Page News’ below now:

Introducing: Them Jones

Them Jones are a Philadelphia five-piece with a flair for mesmerising, retro sounding, psych-tinged garage rock.

Them Jones’ most recent album, A Mountain of Nonsense was released last year and is a rough-around-the-edges and unpolished aural adventure, swathed in ’60s sounds and inspirations. Whether it is the likes of ‘Outburst’, which sees them tumble into a frenetic two-minute burst of punchy guitar driven garage-rock or ‘Honeytrap’, embracing the softer subtleties of the genre, giving a smoother, more soulful flavour – we find a band at the peak of their prowess. The same can be said for slowly waltzing and hushed poetic delights of ‘The Shrinking Violet’s Light’, and the record in general. At varying times, Them Jones bring to mind The Doors, The White Stripes, The Animals and any more of a similar ilk, yet they manage to maintain ownership of their musical vision and sound. This is their interpretation of a genre and era they know and love. They are masters of their craft and it executed with perfection, and sometimes you know, that is quite enough.

You can listen to some choice cuts from Them Jones’ latest album A Mountain of Nonsense. If those are to your liking, well, you can stream the LP here. Enjoy!

Queen of Jeans – ‘Moody’

queen-of-jeans by Bob Sweeney

Philadelphia’s Queen of Jeans and their brand of retro, garagey, indie left an indelible mark upon their introduction, close to a year ago.

Since then, they’ve been busy gigging around the US, released a couple of singles, a debut EP and added a fourth member to their crew. The now quartet have just released a new video for ‘Moody’ – shot and directed by Bob Sweeney – it is one of the finest moments from their aforementioned debut EP. A timely reminder of Queen of Jeans’ charms, ‘Moody’ is a six-minute sweeping, broody and mildly psychedelic mix of retro charm, set to enchant you with an enthralling, dramatic and, well, moody combination of lush harmonies twangy guitars, waltzing percussion and haunting, stirring melodies.

You can check out the video for ‘Moody’ below, and their debut EP is here, while you’re at it – it does not disappoint.