Pris – (You Make Me Sick Like The) American Dream

Remember Pris from last year? The sassy, thrashy, shouty Londoners who sound like they’re having fun and don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks.

Well, they are back with a new single ‘(You Make Me Sick Like The) American Dream’. Now downsized to a two-piece it would seem, they have lost none of their aforementioned attributes or a deep seeded disdain for lame pop culture, sharp-tongued lyrics or how to be angry. It’s a snarly 3-minute-plus post-punk salvo of energy, wrath, snarl and a hint of 90′s britpop.

Check out ‘(You Make Me Sick Like The) American Dream’ and the video below.

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Introducing: Pris

London quartet Pris are Kat, Agatha, Mary and Sam who produce, in their own words, “hormonal gutter pop post-punk”.

This brand of gutter post-punk is a mish-mash of influences from sugar sweet 60’s girl group, raspy punk and post-punk with a hint of 90’s britpop nostalgia.

Debut single ‘The Better You Look The More You See’ is pretty typical of this zeal. It is catchy and infectious, their sharp-tongued lyrics, both angry and articulate, are delivered with swagger and snarl. B-side ‘Blue-Tack Baby’ isn’t too different, catchy bubblegum pop choruses eliciting memories of days when bedroom walls were layered with posters and cuttings.

They have already received praise from the likes of Eddie Argos (Art Brut) and Nicky Wire (Manic Street Preachers). While still in their infancy it is impossible not to be seduced by their catchy and infectious perfect pop-punk. Most importantly they sound like they are having fun a commodity sadly missing from many bands nowadays.

Pris’ debut single ‘The Better You Look The More You See’ is out now!

Pris – The Better You Look The More You See via somethingfortheweekend

Pris – Blue-Tack Baby via Morrisday

Pris – Breaking Hearts and Giving Up via somethingfortheweekend